MTV Roadies Journey in South Africa Episode 5 Written Updates 16 April 2022 – Rugby Immunity Task Results, Team Boom Bruh vs Team Nusta Tigers

All the roadies got very happy seeing the beautiful hotel rooms. Baseer says this is the first time in his roadies journey from last season and this season as well he is getting to stay in a hotel room. Soundous liked the room but Ashish said that he has already taken the room and then he offered her to share the room.

Next morning Moose hugged Simi and wished her good morning to make peace with her. Later on Baseer told Moose that Tanish told him last night that Simi voted against him in the previous vote out despite the fact that she is her best friend and in his hit list next name is of Baseer and third is Gaurav. Baseer says that I will send Simi home now because she is working on the rubbish guidelines of Yukti and Arushi Chawla. Moose says yes even Sakshi is following them and then Baseer responds that they don’t have a brain.

Kevin had a discussion with Arushi Chawla about Ashish Bhatia and he tells her that he is not a team man because he just plays for himself.

Ashish tells Baseer that there was no sincerity in his team as everyone got involved during the puzzle checkpoint in Walk the Zipline survival task. Gaurav says that we had proper coordination during the puzzle stage. Aarushi Dutta says that actually we were the dream team and Baseer says yes the result is out open. In the background Gaurav says that Ashish is very dangerous in this game because he will go with the side where he will get the most benefit and unfortunately Aarushi Dutta and Baseer are not understanding it.

Roadies gets a message on their smartphones to get ready for the next task and they also received a protein gift hamper from Big Muscles.

Roadies reached their next immunity task location which was actually a Rugby field. Professional South African Rugby Club Players were introduced to the roadies and Sonu Sood says that they are knows as the Great Wall of South Africa.

Sonu Sood announced Rag Rag Mein Rugby Task

Task Details – Only 8 buddy pairs can perform in the task and they will be divided into two teams. One team will defend and other will attack in each round and the roles will change in each round. Each round will be played for 10 minutes. If the attacking team managed to cross the defenders then they will meet the Great Wall of South Africa and they will be carrying tackle bags. The team which will make the maximum attempts to cross the Great Wall of South Africa in 10 minutes will win.

A ball kicking contestant happened between all the 9 buddy pairs as whichever member of buddy pair will kick the ball at the shortest distance that buddy pair won’t be allowed to perform the task.

Nandini G and Yukti Arora did not get the chance to perform in the Rugby Immunity Task

Ashish Bhatia and Sidharth Manoj were made the team captains as they kicked the ball at the farthest distances.

Ashish and Sidharth were told by Sonu Sood to choose their teams.

Team Boom Bruh (Ashish Bhatia Captain)  :

  • Simi Talsania and Arsh Wahi
  • Arushi Chawla and Arsh Wahi
  • Kevin Almasifar and Sohil Jhuti 
  • Ashish Bhatia and Sakshi Sharma

Team Nusta Tigers (Sidharth Manoj Captain)  :

  • Baseer Ali and Jashwanth Bopanna
  • Aarushi Dutta and Tanish Ghorpade
  • Moose Jattana and Gaurav Alugh
  • Kavya Khurana and Sidharth Manoj

Rag Rag Mein Rugby Task Results by Rounds :

Round 1 – Boom Bruh attacking and Nusta Tigers defending – No Touchdowns

Round 2 – Nusta Tigers attacking and Boom Bruh defending – No Touchdowns

Sudden Death Rounds (Only Great Wall of South Africa Defending) :

Boom Bruh managed to get 2 touchdowns

Nusta Tigers managed to get only 1 touchdown

Boom Bruh wins the Rugby Immunity Task by 2-1

After the task Baseer, Jashwanth, and Sidharth complained to Sonu Sood that Kevin was trying to get aggressive during the task. Kevin says that all of them are trying to get him disqualified from the show because this has happened to him before. Sonu tells him to be the bigger person and apologize and Kevin did apologized after that. Sonu Sood announced that two members of the winning team will get immunity and 2 will get 1000 roadiums.


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