Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 19 April 2021 Written – Prithvi gets blackmailed for Money

Preeta recalls the beautiful memories how she went out with Karan and he bought Falooda for her. She shows Falooda to Prithvi saying that Karan send this also for her and says to him that she knows that she didn’t kill Akshay and her family also knows that she can’t kill anyone so everyone trying to find the real murderer. She asks him to not care about her because her loved ones are there to support her. He says to her that if she want to be deceived by others then he can’t do anything and leaves from there.

Srishti meets Sameer and asks him that why he called her at this time. He says to her that he want to say something about Mahira and informs her everything which he heard. She says to him that then Mahira is definitely doing something wrong and asks him that what if it’s related to Akshay’s murder. He says to her that there is a possibility for that. She says to him that they need Mahira’s mobile to know with whom she talked to and her mobile will helpful in their investigation. He says to her that she is right but how can they get Mahira’s mobile. She says to him that they have to steal it. He says to her that to prove Preeta’s innocence he can do anything.

In the Police station, Preeta hugs the pillow and misses Karan. On the other hand, Karan enters his room and wipes his tears and he looks at Preeta’s blanket (Tum hi aana song plays in the background ). Sameer sees Karan and thinks recently only Preeta and Karan’s love story started and he won’t let them separate and he is sure that Mahira definitely doing something against Preeta so he will expose her no matter what.

In the kitchen, Sherlyn talks to herself saying that why Preeta murdered Akshay because now she has to do all the household chores. Mahira comes there and asks what happened to her. Sherlyn asks her to make coffee for her and says to her that her mood swings troubling her so much. Prithvi asks Sherlyn that what happened to her. Sherlyn says to him that he is responsible for her condition. He holds her hand and says to her that mood swings are normal in pregnancy and he just wants her happiness.

Pammi sees them so Prithvi changes the topic. She tauntingly says to him that that Sherlyn was against his and Kritika’s marriage but now she is okay with it and she can understand how he convinced her. He curses her in his mind. She says to him that she is not naive like Rakhi. Prithvi leaves from there. Pammi says to Sherlyn that there is definitely something going on between her and Prithvi.

Later, Someone calls Prithvi and says to him that he knows everything about his and Akshay’s deal and threatens to give 50 lakhs to him and disconnects the call. On the other hand, Mahira meets Preeta and mocks her. She says to her that she finally separated her from Karan.

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