Kundali Bhagya 30 Sept 2021 Written Updates – Sherlyn gives ultimatum to Sonakshi

Srishti tells Rishabh to sit and Sameer was seeing a picture of a boy, Srishti says he is a lawyer. Preeta tells Sudha aunty that our Srishti argues a lot so if she marries a lawyer then both of them will fight a lot. Sudha aunty says no problem I will bring more proposals tomorrow. Preeta had a secret discussion with Srishti, Sameer, Karan & Rishabh and tells them that they need to get rid of Sudha aunty forever. Karan gives an idea that we should tell Sudha aunty that Srishti is interested in girls not boys. Sudha aunty asks does she have an affair and they all pointed fingers towards Sameer saying yes she has an affair with him. Sameer says no she has an affair with Karan, Karan says I am her brother-in-law then Sameer says she has an affair with Rishabh but Rishabh says I am already married. Finally Srishti tells Sudha aunty that she only likes girls not boys and Sudha aunty ran away hearing this. Preeta, Karan and Rishabh then left Arora’s house after solving Srishti’s problem.

Kareena in her room was thinking how Preeta behaved with her when Kareena scolded her regarding Pihu. Bani Dadi came and she tells to calm down. Rakhi came and Bani Dadi tells Rakhi to make Preeta understand that she has to respect her elders and also they have an equal right on Pihu because Kareena brought Pihu to the Luthra house.

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Sonakshi came inside the bathroom from the window and then she enters the room. She gets shocked seeing Sherlyn sitting on her bed. Sherlyn says your game is over and then she showed her photographs of Sonakshi with her father and also the register entries. Sherlyn says that she will expose Sonakshi in front of Preeta and Karan. She gives Sonakshi an ultimatum to pack her bags and leave. Sherlyn was about to leave the room but Sonakshi tells her to stop.

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