KGF 2 Rocky Bhai and Ramika Sen secret deal mystery solved – What Happened? Full Details

Death of Rocky bhai in the KGF Chapter 2 ending left a lot of questions unanswered and one of the most important question was that what happened in Parliament between Rocky Bhai and Ramika Sen after the death of mastermind Guru Pandian. People are still curious to know about the secret deal which took place between the on-screen monster Rock Bhai and fierce Indian PM Ramika Sen.

What Happened in Parliament between Ramika Sen and Rocky Bhai – Spoilers Ahead :

As you all might have seen in KGF 2 that after battling with Adheera and his goons in the KGF territory, Rocky bhai finds out that Adheera entered the KGF territory from Mine no. 3 after which Rocky joined the dots and finds out that this was the evil ploy by none other then Guru Pandian after which Rocky entered the Parliament with a AK-47 rifle and he killed Guru inside the parliament right in front of Ramika Sen. When Rocky killed Guru, all the other MP’s inside the parliament ran outside and only Ramika & Rocky were present inside and then the sequence ended right there.

So now the question arises that what happened inside the Parliament after Rocky killed Guru inside the Parliament house and that too right in front of Ramika Sen’s eyes and we will tell you about the hidden truth as unfolding of this mystery will take you by surprise.

Did Rocky Bhai and Ramika Sen cracked a deal inside the Parliament in KGF 2?

Well it seems that Rocky and Ramika cracked some kind of deal inside the parliament after the death of Guru Pandian as a part of which Ramika help Rocky in escaping through the Indian Ocean by faking his death and this will be revealed in either KGF Chapter 3 or KGF Chapter 4.

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Why did Ramika Sen cracked a deal with Rocky Bhai?

Rocky Bhai killed Guru Pandian who was the leader of opposition party and the biggest rival of Ramika Sen. So by killing Guru, Rocky indirectly did a favour to Ramika Sen and seems like in order to return the favour Ramika Sen cracked a deal with Rocky Bhai.

Is Rocky Bhai dead or alive?

It seems that Rocky bhai is still alive as he successfully managed to escape from the Indian, American, and Indonesian naval assault by jumping in the Indian Ocean as his dead body was never found and it was all a part of Ramika Sen’s plan.

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