Karan and Mahira’s Varmala Ceremony – Kundali Bhagya 3 August 2020 Episode Written

Kareena tells Preeta that you were not mannered but now it seems that you have gotten more ill mannered then Preeta says if it was some other days and you would have lectured me then I would have cried a lot but not today as I don’t care. Kareena says then why have you came here then Preeta says that because Karan invited me. Kareena asks do you go to every single marriage after getting invitation. Preeta says that I came here like a guest so treat me like one. Kareena says that I would love to treat you like a guest but you behave like family members and you came here to spoil this function. Preeta says I came here because I did not wanted Karan to make a wrong image of mine in his mind. Preeta asks Kareenaa why you did not stopped Karan from inviting me. Kareena says if I knew that he was going to meet you then I would have stopped him but I don’t know in which language I should make you understand. Preeta says if you understand me then you will realize that I am not that bad. Preeta says I came here just to attend the wedding and once I leave then I wil never come back. Preeta says so stop thining bad about me. Kareena says you did not matter for me and you tried to stop Rishabh and Sherlyn’s marriage but still it happened because good happens with good people. Kareena says if you would’ve married Prithvi then society would’ve respected you but I don’t want to argue with you so go home.

Mahira was getting ready in her room and Ramona came and complimented her then Rakhi came and she too praised her. Kritika comes in the room and says that Pandit Ji is calling Mahira downstairs then Mahira says why you are hesitating I am ready lets go. Rakhi was about to go with them but Kritika stops her in the room and asks her that mami ji are you happy with this wedding. Rakhi says yes I am happy. Kritika says but you Preeta, Rakhi says you want to say that I like Preeta yes you are right as I still love Preeta as my daughter then Kritika says but bride is Mahira then Rakhi says Karan is not ready to accept Preeta as his wife and he is happy with Mahira so its ok as I can’t do anything, lets go downstairs.

Karan was in the mandap, Sherlyn’s mother says bride has come. Mahira came as the bride, Baani dadi says she is looking very beautiful touchwood. Karan thinks where is Preeta. Karan says to Mahira that I am sorry because I invited Preeta here. Mahira says no you don’t need to be as I also want her to present here. Pandit ji says lets begin the rituals then Karan says Preeta is not here and tells Kritika to bring Preeta here. Sherlyn says Kareena bua took her with her then Karan says I want her to see all the rituals and tells Kritika to bring her.

Kareena tells Preeta to leave from here and go home now. Preeta says no then Kareena says what do you mean by no. Preeta says that without attending the whole wedding I will not leave from here also you told me that I would’ve have been more repected if I would have married to Prithvi ji. Preeta further says but its our fortune which decides what will happen in our life as only that happens whats in our Kundali Bhagya. Kritika says Karan bhai is calling, Kareena says I am coming then Kritika says no he is calling Preeta di then Preeta says as I told you I cannot leave from here.

Preeta came and stands in front of Karan then they both had a eye contact. They started having flashbacks of their wedding. Karan says Pandit Ji lets do Varmala ritual. Karan and Mahira stands up and Karan thinks that today Preeta will see how much happy Karan Luthra is and with whom and I am sure you will get hurt a lot seeing this and this is what I want. Pandit ji says firstly bride will put Varmala then Karan says lets have some fun and tells Sammy to lift him up. Sammy lifts Karan up and Preeta was watching that. Srishti thinks I know you are getting hurt di please don’t pretend that much that even pretend will cry. Rishabh thinks that I know Karan that you are doing all this to hurt Preeta ji otherwise you should’ve have married Mahira without inviting Preeta Ji. Sherlyn thinks thanks God, thank you as today I am feeling too much relief because my husband can’t help Preeta. Sherlyn went to Rishabh and tells him that now you should stop worrying about Preeta. Rishabh says I feel bad even for my enemy if something wrong happens to him and Preeta ji is my best friend. Sherlyn says soon you will find out what kind of a woman she is. Preeta was pretending to laugh and Karan gets sad seeing her (Narazgi teri plays in the background) in the meantime Mahira puts Varmala on Karan’s neck and he gets more sad.

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