It seems Umar Riaz was unfairly evicted by Bigg Boss 15 makers to make Karan Kundrra winner – Here’s why?

Bigg Boss Season 15 is nearing its finale as it appears that the makers of the popular reality show are not that much keen on a extension but just a week before the grand finale, BB15 contestant Umar Riaz unfair elimination from the house has come up as a big shock for many. Many were seeing the Jammu and Kashmir based doctor tuned actor as a favourite to win the reality show on 16 January 2022 but it seems that makers of the show had some other plans in mind and to clear the path for executing their actual plans they unfairly eliminated Umar from the show after badly bashing him on this weeks Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

Although many people are blaming Pratik Sehajpal for Umar Riaz’s eviction and some are even speculating that makers want to make either Shamita Shetty or Tejasswi Prakash winner so that’s why they eliminated Umar but it seems that the reality is something else and makers cleverly evicted Umar Riaz so that they can clear the path of Karan Kundrra to make him the winner of the show.

One thing was quite evident from the TV episodes of Bigg Boss 15 and its that the whole show was centered around TejRan ‘Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kuundrra.’ Earlier Karan was doing so well on the show in the first few months and his graph was continuously rising but later on due to his rude and toxic begaviour with his girlfriend on the show ‘Tejasswi Prakash’ Karan’s graph declined a lot. As a result of which Karan who almost had a 95% chance of winning the show and was a sure shot finalist got declined to no. 3 spot in ranking which was quite evident from the recent Youtube polls with over 200K+ vote volume.

After Karan Kundrra’s decline on the show who was actually the chosen one by the makers right from the start it seems, the top two contenders in the trophy race were Tejasswi and Umar. This irked the makers a lot as they did not wanted Umar to share the glory stage with Tejasswi on the grand finale so they evicted him as a result of which now most of Umar’s vote bank will now vote in favour of Karan and it will be easier for makers to make him the winner of the show.

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