Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 2 April 2024 Written Updates – Savi receives praise for unveiling Mukul’s misdeeds

Todays Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode on 2 April 2024 starts with Mukul expressing frustration over the accusations from the Bhosle family. He pressures Yashwant to remind everyone of his status, threatening to withdraw funding for the medical wing otherwise. Yashwant rebukes Mukul, reminding him that this is his sister’s home and questions how he could harm a member of the household. Surekha intervenes to stop Yashwant’s scolding.

Surekha, however, expresses her disgust at Mukul’s actions and disowns him, stating that he is dead to her from that moment onward. Surekha apologizes to Anvi, who is in tears, while Apsara and Ashmita also apologize, admitting their guilt.

Ishaan steps in and records a video of Mukul admitting his misconduct towards his sister. He warns Mukul that if he doesn’t resign from the NGOs he’s involved with, the video will be released online. Apsara pledges to take action if Mukul repeats his behavior.

The Bhosle family comforts Anvi, and as Savi prepares to leave, Ishaan stops her, questioning her departure. Surekha acknowledges Savi’s role in helping Anvi and expresses gratitude towards her. Anvi pleads with Savi not to leave after all she has done for her. Ishaan insists that Savi isn’t going anywhere, and Anvi takes Savi away.

Later, Reeva discusses Savi’s actions with Ishaan, praising her for her courage. Ishaan decides to thank Savi but is unsure how, so he asks Reeva to convey his gratitude on his behalf, which she agrees to do.

Precap – Savi comes to the realization that she has developed feelings for Ishaan. While in the classroom, she discreetly writes “I love you” next to Ishaan’s photo in her book. Upon noticing her classmates nearby, Savi quickly closes the book and departs. As Savi hurries out, she unexpectedly encounters Ishaan. In her haste, she drops the book, which Ishaan kindly retrieves for her. As he hands it back, Ishaan notices the words “I love you” written inside. Surprised, he looks at Savi, who brushes it off by mentioning her love for chocolates before swiftly walking away.

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