Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29 March 2024 Written Updates – Savi gives open challenge Mukul

Todays 29 March 2024 episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein starts with Savi urging Ishaan to retire to bed, assuring him that she’ll serenade him with a lullaby. However, their tranquil moment is disrupted when Pratik stumbles upon the Bhosle family, all inebriated. Puzzled, Pratik seeks answers from Reeva, only to be met with vague responses. Desperate for clarity, Pratik contacts Jeetu, who reveals his ignorance, having returned to find everyone already intoxicated, prompting him to prepare lemon juice in a bid to sober them up. Pratik intervenes, ensuring Reeva drinks the concoction.

Meanwhile, Mukul announces his departure to Anvi, promising to return during the holidays before departing. However, Anvi’s attention is drawn to glass shards on the floor, prompting her to retrieve one. As Reeva regains sobriety, Pratik probes the extent of their intoxication, while Reeva frets over Ishaan’s well-being.

Observing Savi and Ishaan asleep, intertwined for support, Reeva realizes Savi’s intoxication and administers lemon juice. Concerned, Reeva speculates foul play, suspecting someone spiked their drinks. Savi, overhearing, suspects Mukul of tampering with the buttermilk. Worried, Savi searches for Anvi, entrusting Reeva with Ishaan’s care.

As Ishaan dreams, he confesses to Savi, believing her to be present, revealing his culpability in a crime at Ramtek. Troubled by Ishaan’s cryptic words, Reeva ponders their significance.

Savi halts Anvi’s attempt at self-harm, interrogating her motives. Anvi reveals her anguish, alleging Mukul’s abuse and the family’s dismissive response due to intoxication. Disillusioned, Anvi relinquishes hope for justice.

Upon consuming lemon juice, the family sobers up, suspecting foul play. As Swanand, Swati, and Reeva depart, Pratik follows suit.

Confronting Mukul, Savi vows to expose his true nature, prompting his feigned fear and derision before his departure.

The following day, Nishikanth prepares for Yashwant and Surekha’s wedding, pondering Asmita and Anvi’s simultaneous illness. Savi’s astonishment grows at the revelation.

As preparations ensue, Shikha inquires about a gift, receiving confirmation from Savi. However, Yashwant intercepts Chinmay’s bouquet and letter, berating Shikha for her curiosity.

Reading Chinmay’s letter, Surekha faces Yashwant’s wrath, who destroys the evidence.

Asmita implores Anvi to participate, fearing scrutiny. Savi criticizes Asmita’s silence regarding Anvi’s plight, prompting doubts about Mukul’s influence. When Savi reveals Anvi’s suicide attempt, Asmita confronts Anvi, who retreats.

Savi confronts Anvi and Asmita, threatening to expose the truth. Overhearing, Surekha demands an explanation from Savi.

Precap –Surekha declares that if Savi remains in the household, she will depart along with her brother Mukul and Apsara. Yashwant seconds the sentiment, insisting Savi vacate the premises before the festivities commence. Ishaan, too, implores Savi to depart.

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