Bigg Boss 17 Week 2 Eviction Prediction – Who will get Eliminated from BB17 in 2nd Week?

Nominations for week 2 in Bigg Boss 17 have already happened and 6 contestants got nominated for the upcoming elimination. Chances of a eviction are very high this time around because multiple weak unpopular participants have arrived in the danger zone.

Fortunately no eviction happened in the first week of BB17, but it doesn’t seem that the same will repeat in the second week because makers have a great chance to remove some boring contestants from the show and also we might see a double elimination as well.

BB17 week 2 nominated participants photo

Khanzaadi, Sana Raees Khan, Sunny Arya, Aishwarya Sharma, Neil Bhatt, and Sonya Bansal are in danger zone for the week 2 elimination of Bigg Boss 17 and one of them will get eliminated on the upcoming Weekend ka Vaar Sunday episode.

BB17 Second Week Elimination – Who will Leave the show in Week 2?

Recently we conducted multiple public surveys on our various social media channels as well as forums and these contestants have received the lowest amount of public votes in our polls :

  • Aishwarya Sharma – 32%
  • Neil Bhatt – 21%
  • Khanzaadi – 19%
  • Soniya Bansal – 15%
  • Sunny Arya – 7%
  • Sana Raees Khan – 6%

As per public opinion, Sunny Arya and Sana Raees Khan are in the danger of getting eliminated from Bigg Boss 17 in the second week and in case of a double eviction, both these contestants will bid adieu to the show.

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