Bigg Boss 15 Spoilers 27 October 2021 Written Updates – Ieshaan vs Rajiv fight, Jay’s team tortures Tejasswi’s team

Rajiv said in front of Miesha that the relationship between me and Ieshaan is very close, its very deep then you think. Ieshaan asks what do you mean by deep? Ieshaan says that the way you are portraying the words I am looking wrong. Rajiv said that I said the truth so this means I am wrong. Ieshaan says its looking wrong.

Ieshaan says I am a straight guy and I am looking like a gay. Karan, Tejasswi, and Shamita tried to stop Rajiv and he said that Ieshaan doesn’t want to hear the truth, what wrong did I said. Rajiv tells Ieshaan to not to force him to open his mouth. Ieshaan dares Rajiv to say what he wants because he doesn’t care. Miesha started crying seeing their confrontation.

Stand in Alphabets Captaincy task continued for the second day and Jay Bhanushali’s team started torturing Tejasswi’s team. Jay and other starting putting talcum powder on Pratik and he started having breathing issue. After this they put all their focus on torturing Rajiv Adatia by burning chillies and making it difficult for Rajiv to breathe with the smoke of burned chillies but Rajiv showed great endurance by not giving up and his whole team cheered for him.

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