Bigg Boss 15 Episode 29 Nov 2021 Written Updates – Abhijit Bichukale enters the house

Rashmi Desai and other VIP’s distribute the duties and Rashmi tells Pratik to do the chopping along with living room cleaning duty. Pratik says I won’t do two duties and I will do either living room or chopping duty. Both of them started having a heated argument and during that Pratik called Rashmi brainless and in response to that Rashmi called him ‘Bhailbuddhi.’ Pratik says if I am Bhailbuddhi then you are just a Bhail.

Rakhi complains about the Parantha made by Rajiv and she said that there is spit of his in the Parantha. Rakhi tells him from now onwards Rajiv won’t make breakfast and he will clean toilet as she is changing his duty. Rakhi says that she is VIP and she will decide. Rajiv says I won’t give a care about you being VIP and Rajiv further tells her that you are very disrespectful.

Abhijit Bichukale entered the house on song ‘Jisse Log Shehanshah Kehte Hai.’ Rakhi greeted him saying how are you mantri sahab. Abhijit said I’m back in action. Abhijit warns all the contestants saying that I’m a very soft spoken person but if I come on my level then I become lava. Rashmi asks him so what’s your level and Abhijit responds that I am not scared of anyone’s father.

Rakhi asks Abhijit which bed he wants and he says he wants Umar’s bed. Umar Riaz says that its not possible. Abhijit says do it for me. Rakhi says we are VIP’s and we can say that. Umar says I don’t care about VIP and you are VIP for today not tomorrow.

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