Bigg Boss 15 Day 31 Episode 1 Nov 2021 Written Updates – Tejasswi vs Shamita Fight, Rashmi, Gautam, Devoleena, and Kamya entered house

Karan and Tejasswi got teased by fellow housemates in the morning and Miesha says that they do romantic talks at night sitting on sofa. Jay Bhanushali says what are you doing Teja behind my back. Tejasswi says we don’t do romantic talks and Karan says she scolds me a lot. Nishant, Jay and others teased TejRan by singing Wah Wah Ram Ji and they both started blushing.

At night Afsana told Shamita and Rajiv that Karan has fallen in love with Tejasswi and they both eat in the same plate also they bath at the same time. Afsana further says that she thinks Karan has fallen into the wrong way and he should play solo. Shamita says that they both like each other and its organic. Afsana says its good.

Next Day, Bigg Boss announced that today some guests will come and they will burst Diwali crackers.

Rashmi Desai came and she talked to Vishal Kotian, Karan Kundrra, and Tejasswi Prakash. Rashmi tells Tejasswi to up her game and tells her that she wants to see her win. Rashmi saved Vishal from nominations.

Karan and Tejasswi were talking and Shamita says that she thinks they gave her a bad expression. Tejasswi says so what if I gave bad expression. Shamita and Tejasswi had an argument after which Karan came and clarified about it to Shamita later on.

Gautam Gulati entered the house as the 2nd guest and he talked with Pratik first and he told him that it is appearing that you are trying to create the scenario of one vs all. Gautam also tells Pratik to be a little less aggressive. Gautam then talked with Jay and told him to be careful with his comments like he made about breaking face of Pratik. Gautam then talked with Simba and said that he is a very nice guy. Gautam saved Tejasswi from nominations.

Devoleena entered next and she talked to Karan Kundrra first telling him that she wants to see a lot more from him and Karan says definitely I will up my game. After that Devoleena told Pratik to not to spoil every task. Devoleena told Tejasswi to do be good with everyone. Devoleena called Vishal next and told him to not to say same line to every other person. Vishal behaved rudely with Devoleena. Shamita was called by Devoleena and she told her that Afsana apologized to you but you never apologized to her for calling her Ghatiya. Shamita says I never called her Ghatiya. Devoleena saved Jay from nominations. Vishal says after Devoleena left that he won’t take guidance from such people and Devoleena even did not reached top 7.

Kamya entered the house as fourth guest and she says that you all have gotten very cold and even a 5 year old can do better task then you. Kamya also tells Pratik to focus on doing the tasks rather then spoiling them. Kamya called Karan Kundrra and tells him that he is her no. 1 and she wants him to play the game. Kamya then called Simba and tells him to play for himself and not to think about others. Kamya calls Rajiv and tells him that Ieshaan and Miesha are now seen on television because of you and she also told Ieshaan that you did bad to Miesha’s character by saying to her to not to count him in her boys. Ieshaan says it was a joke. Kamya says it was on national television and Ieshaan says he doesn’t care about the audience.



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