Bigg Boss 15 Day 17 Spoilers 18 Oct 2021 – Captaincy Task, Tejasswi Prakash vs Jay Bhanushali Fight

On todays day 17 episode of Bigg Boss season 15, a captaincy task was announced and main house contestants have to choose 3 contenders among themselves for the next captain of the house. Pratik Sehajpal, Nishant Bhatt, and Jay Bhanushali became the contenders and they will have to compete in the next captaincy task.

Vishal Kotian asks Shamita Shetty, Whom do you think we should support for the captaincy? Shamita answered taking Nishant’s name and says Pratik plays selfish game. Shamita further says that she will never go ahead by trampling her friend, Vishal says but he will go and the same is the case with Jay. Shamita says she doesn’t think Karan is that strong, Vishal says to become a king you need to have disciples.

Shamita asked Tejasswi that you are so cute then why you don’t have a boyfriend. Tejasswi says she doesn’t have one. Shamita says she is lying. Tejasswi says I only love my baby (Bigg Boss). Nishant asks her then it means you don’t love us (Nishant and Vishal). Jay asked did you guys have opened a joint account.

Nishant arugues with Jay asking him do you think that Tejasswi doesn’t have true feelings. Jay says no. Vishal asks if a guy has the right to select then why not a girl and he termed it as discrimination.

Nishant says if you like both tomato sauce and potato curry then you will eat both. Tejasswi Prakash started doing her funny drama saying even Tejasswi Prakash is the need of a human. Jay says that this Prakash this going three ways. Tejasswi says why this cruel world is against four lovers. Vishal lifts Tejasswi in his arms and everyone had a laugh.

Captaincy task started and Tejasswi Prakash was the sanchalak. Pratik tempered with Jay’s equipment right before the task started. Jay started complaining about it to Tejasswi but she refused to do anything as she said that she has not seen him tempering with the equipment. Jay throws Pratik’s equipment out of the house and Tejasswi called Jay a sour loser after he tells her to never call him a sour loser again.

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