Anupama 30 March 2024 Written Updates: Anuj throws Toshu out of his company

Yashdeep engages in a conversation with Mr. Walia, assuring him that he will promptly repay the money borrowed, along with interest. He explains his urgent need for funds to settle a loan taken out for his restaurant, emphasizing the risk of losing it if the debt remains unpaid. Anupama overhears this exchange and is visibly startled, causing her to accidentally drop something. Yashdeep acknowledges her presence and confesses that he had been meaning to share this information with her. As Anupama processes the situation, memories of her journey with the restaurant flood her mind. Reflecting on the pivotal moments, she gathers herself and enters the establishment, where she finds Vikram busy cooking in the kitchen.

Toshu inquires Kinjal about her demeanour, expressing surprise at her lack of joy upon his return home. He compares her reaction to that of his mother, insinuating that she should be pleased he’s out of jail. Kinjal retorts, questioning why she should celebrate when her husband behaves recklessly like a child. She laments the continuous cycle of forgiveness and expresses frustration over shouldering the family’s financial burdens alone. She reminisces about the sense of belonging and support she felt back in India, contrasting it with the emptiness she feels now. Kinjal articulates her responsibilities, including managing expenses, bills, and their daughter Pari’s school fees, while Toshu expects her to rejoice at his release from jail. Toshu, overwhelmed with guilt, attempts to console her, pleading for another chance. However, Kinjal, overwhelmed by the weight of her responsibilities and Toshu’s actions, requests him to give her space, unable to bear the strain any longer. Toshu, deeply remorseful, breaks down in tears, regretting the pain he has caused.

Toshu’s frustration peaks as he blames Anupama for the turmoil in his life, likening her presence to an inauspicious period. Aadhya overhears and echoes his sentiments, agreeing that Anupama is the source of their troubles. Toshu acknowledges her maturity, mentioning his employment at her father’s company, to which Aadhya corrects him, stating he used to work there. She adamantly declares her refusal to forgive Anupama, mirroring Toshu’s sentiments. Toshu urges Aadhya to intervene with Anuj on his behalf, appealing to her sense of familial obligation. However, Aadhya rebuffs the notion of kinship, asserting that without a maternal bond, Anuj holds no familial significance to her. She disassociates herself from any connection to Anupama, adamantly rejecting her presence in their lives.

Meanwhile, Shruti discovers a mangalsutra and assumes it was purchased at Aadhya’s behest. She adorns herself with it, envisioning it as a future possession. Upon witnessing this, Anuj gently removes the mangalsutra, apologizing to Shruti and clarifying its significance as Anupama’s. Shruti, crestfallen, reacts to the revelation with disappointment.

Babu ji notices Baa’s quietness and asks the reason behind it. Baa shares her plans to visit Toshu and Kinjal, spend time with Paro, and go to the temple. She expresses frustration over nosy neighbours in America who monitored her every move. Recalling a pundit’s advice about auspicious places, she laments the constant drama and sorrow in their lives. Spotting a card on the ground, Baa suggests they take a look, sparking a glimmer of hope. Babu ji lightens the mood, coaxing a smile from Baa.

Shruti approaches Anuj with an apology, admitting her ignorance regarding the mangalsutra’s significance. Anuj reciprocates the apology, acknowledging his overreaction. Shruti urges him to let go of memories associated with Anupama, emphasizing the need to move forward.

Titu visits Anupama’s restaurant, sensing her distress. He reveals his desire to marry Dimpy and accept Ansh as his son, expressing his wish to be a part of their family. Anupama hesitates, citing societal complexities and referring to Mr. Shah’s refusal to accept Kavya’s daughter. Titu asserts his commitment to respecting Dimpy’s honor and rejects the idea of eloping. However, Vanraj interrupts, asserting Ansh’s Shah lineage as his grandson.

Precap – Toshu reveals that Anuj has ousted him from his company. Anupama in a sarcastic way expresses disappointment, suggesting that Toshu deserved to be the CEO of his own company. Vanraj interjects, condemning such actions, asserting that a true mother would never behave in such a manner. Anupama then presents a brochure for a cooking competition to Babu ji, who suggests that winning could potentially save the restaurant.

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