AEW buried CM Punk by making him lose to a mid-card level MJF – Bad Booking Decision – Here’s Why?

Earlier this week on AEW Dynamite episode at Chicago, IL, one of the biggest star of All Elite Wrestling ‘CM Punk’ lost to a mid card level wrestler MJF in a singles bout. Although many AEW marks celebrated this defeat of CM Punk as the right decision claiming that its Tony Khan’s way of building new stars but many sensable wrestling fans called it the burial of AEW biggest asset CM Punk and that too in his very own home town Chicago.

Well you might be thinking why we are calling this the burial of CM Punk by AEW, lets just start by asking you all a simple question – Can you imagine Brock Lesnar losing to Miz on a random episode of Monday Night RAW? Well to many this might just sound ridiculous and in the same way CM Punk losing to a less famous Miz named MJF is kind of ridiculous.

Also to all those who are saying that this victory will help MJF career in the long run, the simple answer is no it won’t do anything for him in the long run as MJF won in a dirty way and this victory won’t build him up but instead it has ruined all the charm around CM Punk.

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Now no matter how much Tony Khan says that AEW is all about building new stars but the reality is that when it comes to making the right creative booking choices AEW is as bad as WWE if not worse and to an extent all those paid podcasters and AEW marks are responsible for this burial of CM Punk.

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