WWE SmackDown 26 September 2020 – Fiend controls Alexa Bliss, Results, Written Details

The Fiend takes full control of Alexa Bliss on todays episode of Smackdown as Bliss snapped at Lacey Evans. Roman Reigns shows his true colors to his cousin Jey Uso at the end of the show. Tension mounts between the members of Lucha House Party. Corey Graves conducts an in-ring interview of AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy and Sami Zayn. Burial of Matt Riddle continues on the main roster as he faced a defeat by the hands of King Corbin. Otis attacked John Morrison during a backstage segment.

WWE SmackDown 26 September 2020 Winners and Losers

1. Sami Zayn vs. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy Triple Threat Match

Winner – Sami Zayn

Losers – AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy

As the match starts, Sami Zayn immediately rolls out of the ring. Jeff Hardy leg drops AJ Styles’ crotch. Zayn gets in the ring but quickly gets knocked out of the ring by Hardy. Styles sends Zayn into the commentary desk. Styles sends Hardy to the outside area as well. Styles bounces Hardy’s head off the announce table. Zayn attacks Styles from behind. Styles sends Zayn into Hardy, knocking him off the apron. Zayn works over Zayn while Hardy is out on the floor. Hardy hits the ring and lands multiple strikes to Zayn and Styles.

Jeff Hardy dropkicks AJ Styles and Sami Zayn at the same time. Hardy uses Zayn’s back to complete poetry in motion on Styles. Hardy goes up top. Zayn pushes Hardy off the top to the outside. Styles dives over the top and blast Zayn with an elbow as he is working over Hardy and we went intoa break.

Back from the break, Jeff Hardy lands the whisper in the wind on Sami Zayn and AJ Styles. All three competitors trade shots in the middle of the ring. Zayn hits two standing big boots. Styles response with an overhead kick. Styles lands the Phenomenal Forearm on Hardy. Zayn tosses Styles out of the ring and steals the pin.

After the match ends, AJ Styles hit both Sami Zayn and Jeff Hardy with a ladder. Styles sets up a ladder in the middle of the ring. Styles climbs the ladder and unhooks both IC Titles.

2. Gran Metalik w/Lucha House Party vs. Shinsuke Nakamura w/Cesaro Singles Match

Winner – Shinsuke Nakamura

Loser – Gran Metalik

Shinsuke Nakamura lands a few knee strikes. Springboard arm drag by Gran Metalik. Nakamura avoids a backflip attack by Metalik. Nakamura sends Metalik out of the ring. Nakamura launches Metalik into the barricade. Nakamura trips Metalik into the bottom turnbuckle. Nakamura stomps the back of Metalik’s head. Metalik knocks Nakamura off the apron.

Gran Metalik lands a topé to the outside. Metalik sends Shinsuke Nakamura back into the ring. Metalik slingshots himself back into the ring for a senton. Nakamura trips Metalik off the top rope. Nakamura blasts Metalik with a knee strike to the back of the head. Reverse exploded by Nakamura. Nakamura destroys Metalik with the Kinshasa picking up the win.

After the match ends, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura attacked Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik. Kalisto watches from outside the ring. After Cesaro and Nakamura leaves, Kalisto gets in the ring to check on his teammates. Dorado pushes Kalitso in anger.

3. King Corbin vs. Matt Riddle Singles Match

Winner – King Corbin

Loser – Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle attacks King Corbin before the bell rings. Riddle sends Corbin over the top rope. Riddle sends Corbin into the barricade. Corbin counters an armbar with a bodyslam. Corbin works over Riddle in the corner. Riddle tries to fire up but Corbin floors him with a back elbow. Riddle counters the dipsey-doo clothesline with an overhead kick. Riddle sends Corbin flying over the announce table as we head into the break. Back from the break, Riddle has Corbin in a triangle. Corbin powerbomb Riddle to break the hold. Riddle fires up and attempts the Floating Bro but Corbin gets his knees up. Corbin hits the End of Days getting the win over Riddle.

After the match, Kayla Braxton asks Matt Riddle if he is dissapointed by his performance tonight. Riddle says losing sucks but he won’t give up till SmackDown is the Bro Show.

4. Alexa Bliss vs. Lacey Evans Singles Match

Winner – Lacey Evans

Loser – Alexa Bliss

At the start of the match, Alexa Bliss lands a few strikes. Lacey Evans sends Bliss into the corner. Evans hits her patented handstand Broncobuster. Evans chokes Bliss in the corner. Bliss surprises Evans with an STO. The Fiend’s laugh echos throughout the arena. Bliss gets a faraway look in her eyes as we head into the break.

Back from the break, Lacey Evans crushes Alexa Bliss with a moonsault and she went for the cover but Bliss kicks out. Evans hits a wrecking ball dropkick that sends Bliss careening off the apron. Bliss gets back in the ring and lands a dropkick. Bliss pauses and gets slammed. Evans misses a moonsault off the top. The lights dim and the lighting turns red. The Fiends music hits but he doesn’t appear. When the lights come back up, Bliss goes nuts and attacks Evans. Bliss stomps the back of Evans’ head over and over again. The referee calls for the bell. Bliss gets disqualified.

After the end of this match, Alexa Bliss throws Lacey Evans out of the ring. Bliss hits Sister Abigail out on the floor to Lacey Evans. Bliss has a Cheshire grin as The Fiend’s music hits again. The Fiend appears on the ‘Tron and asks us to let him in. As Bliss walks up the ramp, Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman make their way down to the ring. Bliss stops on the stage and stares lasers through Reigns as he raises the Universal Championship.

WWE SmackDown 26 September 2020 All Segments Updates

1. AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, and Jeff Hardy joins Corey Graves in the ring. Graves reminds everyone that both the Intercontinental Championships will be hung above the ring at Clash of Champions. Both titles will be raised in the first-ever Intercontentail Championship ascension ceremony. Styles calls Hardy a cheater. Zayn calls the IC title that Styles had that Hardy won a sham title. Zayn complains about how dangerous ladder matches are. Hardy says let’s put an end to this at the PPV. Zayn and Hardy hang their titles and they are raised high above the ring. Zayn pushes a ladder on top of Styles and Hardy. As Zayn was leaving Adam Pearce tells him to get back to the ring for a triple threat match.

2. Backstage, Otis says that he is going to fight Miz’s lawsuit. Miz and John Morrison interrupt and demand Otis gives up the MITB briefcase. Tucker asks why only Miz’s name is on the lawsuit. Otis attacks Morrison.

3. Bayley walks out on the stage carrying the chair she used to destroy Sasha Banks. Banks says she is done wasting time on Sasha Banks. Bayley is focused on defending the title against Nikki Cross. Bayley says that she is going to slap that stupid little smile off of Cross’s face. After the match, who knows what may happen.

4. Jey Uso knocks on Roman Reigns locker room door but no one answers.

5. Multiple video packages were shown highlighting both Roman Reigns and Jey Uso.

6. Jey Uso enters the ring, Jey Uso says that he is hyped and ready for his title match against his cousin. Uso says he has some questions for the Big Dog. Uso says he didn’t see the look Reigns gave him after the match. Uso wants to know why Roman Reigns smiled in his face but frowned behind his back. Paul Heyman appears on the ‘Tron and says Reigns will explain himself on his schedule, not when Jey Uso wants it. Heyman guarantees that Reigns will answer Uso’s question in the ring later tonight.

7. Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman enters the ring. Before Heyman can speak, Jey Uso’s music hits. Uso joins them in the ring. Heyman backs away so Reigns can speak. Reigns says he would give Uso the title if he could. The truth is Uso wouldn’t know what to do with it. Uso doesn’t understand the weight and the pressure fo being the face of WWE. Uso is a twin and has depended on his brother this whole life. Reigns isn’t saying Uso is half the man he is. Reigns is saying Uso is one half of the greatest tag team in WWE history. Reigns says their family depends on Reigns being the tribal chief. It will never be Jey Uso. It will always be Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman leave the ring. As Reigns and Heyman walk up the ramp, Jey Uso asks what if Reigns is wrong? Why can’t it be Uso who takes care of the family? Uso’s whole life he has watched Reigns shine while when people see him they ask which one is he. After Sunday, everyone will know that he is the one who beat Roman Reigns for the Universal championship. Heyman and Reigns leave. As Uso was walking up the ramp, Reigns appears out of nowhere and Superman Punches Uso. Reigs grinds the title into Uso’s face. Reigns yells that their family needs him to be the champion. Uso needs to just take his payday and the ass-whipping that comes with it.

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