WWE SmackDown 19 September 2020 Tension rises between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso, Results, Written Details

Otis embarrassed The Miz on todays SmackDown episode in the opening segment. Sasha Banks shares her thoughts on the beatdown she received from Bayley a couple of weeks back. Alexa Bliss gave Lacey Evans a taste of Sister Abigail. Big E returns and confronts Sheamus in the parking lot. Jeff Hardy challenges both AJ Styles and Sami Zayn to a ladder match at Clash of Champions. In the main event Roman Reigns and Jey Uso battles against King Corbin and Sheamus in a Samoan Street Fight.

WWE SmackDown 19 September 2020 Winners and Losers

1. Gran Metalik with Lince Dorado and Kaliston vs. Cesaro with Shinsuke Nakamura Singles Match

Winner – Cesaro

Loser – Gran Metalik

Gran Metalik dominates Cesaro in the early stages of this match, Metalik hits Cesaro with a dropkick after which Kaliston and Dorado started an argument standing on the apron. Referee sends them both back. Metalik hits Cesaro with a dive from the top rope as we went into the commercial break.

Back from the break, Cesaro takes the upper hand in the match and hits Gran Metalik face first on the mat with his finisher pinning him for the win.

2. Lacey Evans vs. Nikki Cross Singles Match

Winner – Nikki Cross

Loser – Lacey Evans

Alexa Bliss joins Corey Graves and Michael Cole on the commentary table for this match. Lacey Evans puts hand sanitizer in Nikki Cross eyes during this match. Cross hits Evans with a Neckbreaker pinning her for the win. After the match, Lacey Evans comes to the commentary table and yells the word Fiend in front of Bliss. Bliss turns once again and hits Evans with a Sister Abigail.

3. AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn Singles Match

Winner – AJ Styles

Loser – Sami Zaayn

Sami Zayn makes his entrance and he starts arguing with the announcer as he did not introduced him as the IC Champion. Styles attacks Zayn from behind. Styles gets a surprising win over Zayn after which Zayn rants again to announcer to announce that he is still the IC Champion. Jeff Hardy comes and he starts beating Styles and Zayn with a ladder. Hardy hits Zayn with a Twist of Fate. Hardy climbs the ladder and gets down. Hardy says that at the Clash of Champion I will face both of you in a triple threat ladder match.

4. Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman and Jey Uso vs. Sheamus and King Corbin Samoan Street Fight

Winners – Roman Reigns and Jey Uso

Losers – Sheamus and King Corbin

Paul Heyman was about to cut a promo but Reigns asks him to hand over the mic. Reigns says that I don’t want any confusion and thats why I came here first. This is my yeard, this is my Island, I am the tribal chief and if you want it then come and get it from me.

Corbin and Sheamus takes out Reigns in the early stages of this match. They both put Jey Uso through a table and went forthe cover but Jey kicks out on 2. Reigns hits Sheamus with a low blow and hits him with a Samoan Drop through the announce table. Reigns spears Sheamus through the barricade.

At the end of this match, Jey Uso hits Corbin with the Universal Title after which Reigns speared Corbin and ass he was going for the pin, Jey hits a Frog Splash from the top rope on Corbin and Reigns felt the impact of it. Jey Uso pins Corbin for the win.

After the match, Jey Uso starts dancing in the ring holding Roman Reigns Universal Title and then he throws it back at Reigns. Reigns looked angry at first then he starts smiling and they both hugged each other. Jey went out of the ring and behind his back Reigns was staring at him in anger and Heyman hinted at Reigns with his eyes.

WWE SmackDown 19 September 2020 All Segments Updates

1. The Dirt Sheet ‘The Miz and John Morrison’ opens the show sitting in the ring, they say that they will reveal some big secrets. But firstly they will talk about the sudden departure of the Golden Goddess Mandy Rose from SmackDown. Miz says that he has actually helped Otis as he can now focus on cashing in his MITB contract. Miz and Morrison talks that Zigglar is over there on RAW. Otis came charging down the ring and throws both Miz and Morrison outside the ring. Tucker throws them back in the ring and Otis hits Miz with a Caterpillar. After all this Otis strips down Miz to his tiny whities.

2. Backstage, The Miz receives a call and he says did you see it, is it enough. The Miz and Morrison says we have aa plan.

3. Backstage, Jey Uso in an interview to Kayla Braxton says that Paul Heyman told him last week was a miscommunication and tonight there ain’t going to be any indifference between him and Roman. He ends up saying Welcome to the Usos Penitentiary.

4. During a video promo package Matt Riddle says that Bro is a Universal language with which he can express many emotions. Riddle expresses different emotions saying Bro.

5. Moment of Bliss – Alexa Bliss introduced her best friend Nikki Cross. During the interview Cross asks Bliss what happened to you Lexi. Why did you hit me with Sister Abigail last week. Alexa Bliss says I don’t know but I don’t have control over it. Lacey Evans interrupts them and starts making fun of Alexa Bliss. Evans says to Cross that you can’t beat Bayley because you are too nice. Cross sneezed over Evans hadnkerchief and then beats her. It was announced that Evans and Cross had a match next as we went into the break.

6. Sasha Banks was sitting at the performance centre wearing a neck brace for an interview to Michael Cole and Corey Graves. During the interview Banks says that Bayley you are nothing without me and since I am useless to you now I am gonna take the thing you love the most, your SmackDown Women’s Championship. Bayley attacks Banks from behind and she puts the chair around Banks neck but officials came to the rescue and they stopped Bayley from hitting Banks further.

7. Backstage, In the locker room Otis gets served with a lawsuit. There was a condition in the lawsuit that Otis has to forfeit the MITB contract or he will face a lawyer. Otis says Tucky we are in trouble the Tucker says no buddy you are in trouble.

8. Big E confronts Sheamus backstage but he ran away then he starts beating the Parking Lot guard who has set him up a few weeks back. Big E throws him on the windshield of a car and then puts him in the back of the car. Adam Pierce tells Big E to leave the building

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