WWE SmackDown 13 June 2020 Full Show Results, Segments Highlights Written Details

After a long time on a WWE main roster weekly show we get to see a 5 star instant classic as it happened today on SmackDown between AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan for the IC Title also Jeff Hardy throws his urine test sample on Sheamus and that segment had a old school attitude era vibe to it. Bayley and Sasha Banks celebrated their Tag Team titles win but it didn’t went well for them also the team of Heavy Machinery and Strowman faces Ziggler, Miz and Morrison in the main event.

WWE SmackDown 13 June 2020 Winners and Losers

1. The New Day vs. Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura Tag Team Match

Winners– Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura

Losers– The New Day

Kofi Kingston was getting ready to hit Shinsuke Nakamura with a Trouble in Paradise but Cesaro distracts him and Kofi hits the SOS on Nakamura after which he went to pin him but Cesaro breaks it. Kofi climbs on the top rope to hit a frog splash on Nakamura but Nakamura gets his kness up and pins Kofi for the win.

2. AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan Intercontinental Championship Tournament Finals

Winner – AJ Styles

Loser – Daniel Bryan

This was a 5 star instant classic between Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles as it seems Edge and Orton has a touigh task ahead of them for Backlash 2020 in their so called Greatest Match Ever. Bryaan puts Styles in the Yes Lock and Styles manages to break him by dragging him to the ropes after which Bryan stomps Styles face on the mat. Bryan went for the Busaiku Knee but Styles manages to reverse it into Styles Clash. Styles hits Bryan with the Phenomenal Forearm for the win and became the new Intercontinental Champion. After Styles victory Renee Young came to the ring and asks him what he has to say then Styles says that he’s the best WWE Intercontinental champion ever as he’s Phenomenal.

3. Braun Strowman and Heavy Machinery vs. Miz, Morrison, and Dolph Ziggler 6 Man Tag Team Match

Winners – Braun Strowman and Heavy Machinery

Losers – Miz, Morrison, and Dolph Ziggler

The Miz and John Morrison attacked Braun Strowman who was outside the ring. Otis and Tucker goes back inside the ring. Tucker finally manages to tag in Otis. Otis charges up and tosses Dolph Ziggler over the top rope. Strowman charges and bumps at everyone in the opposite team outside the ring. Strowman tosses Ziggler back in the ring and yells at Otis to finish it. Otis crushes Ziggler with the Caterpillar and pins him for the victory

WWE SmackDown 13 June 2020 All Segments Updates

1. Renee Young was present in the ring for the contract signing of Jeff Hardy and Sheamus match, Sheamus came to the ring with a doctor and a screen. Renee asks what is this then Sheamus says its for the privacy of Jeff. Sheamus says that Jeff needs to take a urine test before he signs the contract because he’s not going to step in the ring with a junkie. Jeff says that my name is Jeff Hardy and I’m an alcoholic. Hardy says that he’s ready for the test. Sheamus asks Renee to leave then Hardy sstarts giving his urine sample and while this was happening Sheamus starts a PSA telling kids not to take drugs. While Jeff was waiting for the result, Sheamus asks him do you have anything to add, Jeff says sometimes its better to be pissed off rather then pissed on after which Jeff throws the jar filled with urine on Sheamus and leaves. Sheamus gets angry.
2. Backstage doctor came to Sheamus while he was trying to clean up in the washroom and doctor tells him that Jeff Hardy test result came and its negative.

3. Backstage, Mandy Rose wishes best of luck to Otis and Tucker for a their match later tonight and Otis have the MITB briefcase to Mandy and tells her to keep in safe. Jeff Hardy and Sheamus were fighting behind them and oficials separated them.

4. Backstage Braun Strowman says that his car has been fixed now but no one will be able to fix what he’s gonna do to Miz and Morrison at Backlash 2020 also he further adds that if Tucker and Otis tried something fancy tonight then he will have no regret in obliterating some Heavy Machinnery.

5. Sasha Banks and Bayley were celebrating their Tag Team titles win and PC recruits were booing them. Bayley says that she has written a poem for Banks after which Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss interrupted them. Bliss says that they cannot tolerate Bayley reading a poem in the ring. The IIconics appeared on the tron and they say that if Bayley and Banks don’t want to get laid down again then they shouldn’t turn their backs on Bliss and Cross. Bliss and Cross attacked Bayley and Banks from behind.

6. Backstage, Miz and John Morrison says that they are now tired of Braun Strowman’s continuous threats and they say that they have made a music video to explain it further. As soon as the video starts playing, Strwoman’s music hits and he charges to the ring.

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