WWE set to break ties with 2K Games – Endeavour in talks with EA Sports for future WWE Video Games development

WWE video games are very popular amongst the wrestling fans and the new owner of the company ‘Endeavour Group’ is very well aware of this fact. The last couple of games i.e. ‘WWE 2K22 and WWE 2K23’ were quite successful, but it seems that despite of all the improvements, the top management of WWE is not happy with 2K Games and they want to break ties with them.

According to our sources, currently Endeavour Group is having talks with Electronic Arta (EA) for the development of future WWE video games and if it came to fruition then its very likely that WWE 2K24 is going to be the last game developed by 2K Games.

There were rumblings about WWE ending their contract with 2K Games in 2021, but after the major success of 2K22, 2K got rewarded with an extension. Although the exact duration of the extension is not yet known, but it seems that the Endeavour Group will terminate their contract with 2K Games way sooner then the expiration of their contract.

EA doesn’t have much experience when it comes to making wrestling games and it will be interesting to see the direction they will take with future WWE Games development, if WWE ended up signing a contract with them.

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