WWE NXT 5 December 2023 Written Updates, Results, Ratings, Highlights, Match Card, Segments, and More

On todays episode of WWE NXT on December 5, 2023, last chance matches for iron survivor challenge for both women’s and men’s division took place, thing got even more uglier between Roxanne Perez and Kiana James as the two women were seen brawling in the medical area.

The lioness Nikkita Lyons made her much awaited return and it appeared that she is hungry for revenge against Blair Davenport, more revelations were made related to Trick Williams attacker, AVA Raine was seen in a GM role and more interesting things happened about which we have covered in-depth in this article.

WWE NXT 5 December 2023 Full Match Card with Winners Names

1. Roxanne Perez vs Thea Hail vs Fallon Henley vs Kiana James – Last Chance Women’s Iron Survivor Qualifying Match

Winner – Fallon Henley wins by pinning Thea Hail

Match Rating – 4/5*

2. Tatum Paxley vs Lola Vice – Singles Match

Winner – Lola Vice wins via Pinfall

Match Rating – 3/5*

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3. Alpha Academy (Chad Gable, Otis, and Maxxine Dupri) vs The Meta-Four (Noam Dar, Oro Mensah, and Lash Legend) – 3 on 3 Mixed tag team match

Winner – Alpha Academy (Chad Gable, Otis, and Maxxine Dupri) wins via submission

Match Rating – 3.5/5

4. Carmelo Hayes vs Tyler Bate vs Joe Coffey vs Eddy Thorpe – Last Chance Men’s Iron Survivor Qualifying Match

Winner – Tyler Bate wins via Pinfall

Match Rating – 3.5/5*

WWE NXT 5 December 2023 All Segments Highlights

  • Backstage – Lyra Valkyria gave her views on Fallon Henley qualifying for the iron survivors challenge and Lola Vice interrupts her. Lola says that she can cash-in her contract tonight. Tatum Paxley shows up and she challenges Lola for a fight, but Lola refuses.
  • Wes Lee came to the ring and announced that he won’t be at Deadline for the North American title match as he needs to undergo surgery. Dominik Mysterio shows up and she started taunting Wes by making fun of his injury. Rey Mysterio shows up and announces Dragon Lee as Dominik’s opponent for NXT Deadline. Dragon Lee shows up and he started brawling with Dominik, but Dominik manages to escape
  • Backstage – Kiana James was resting at the medical area and Roxanne Perez shows up. The two women started brawling and Ava Raine shows up saying that I will make your match official for Deadline.
  • Competitors announced for men’s breakout tournament 2023, starting next week and they are as follows : iley Osbourne, Keanu Carver, Tavion Heights, Dion Lennox, Luca Crusifino, Myles Borne, Trey Bearhill and Oba Femi.
  • A locker room video of Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams was shown by NXT Anonymous. Hayes was seen texting someone.
  • AVA Raine announce that Kiana James and Roxanne Perez will settle their difference this Saturday in a steel cage match.
  • Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge Participants Summit – Byron Saxton was in the ring and he introduces all the 5 participants for women’s iron survivor challenge. Tiffany Stratton spoke first and she says that she can see 4 participation trophies and a lot of winner. Kelani Jordan spoke next and she says that her gymnastic experience can help her go 25 minutes. Lash Legend spoke next and she said that she stays with Noam Dar and she knows well how to compete in multi competitor matches. Blair Davenport spoke and she said that she will put everyone one shelf just like Nikkita Lyons and Sol Ruca. Fallon Henley looked pumped up and she said that she will ride the momentum. Brawl broke out between all 5 ladies at the end of the segment.
  • In another video from NXT Anonymous Lexis King says, “See when your a big star like me the camera always finds you ain’t that right Carmelo Hayes and now Melo knows that Lexis king don’t miss either, Man I love it when a plan comes together.”
  • Backstage – Trick Williams confronts Carmelo Hayes and Melo says that he will settle the score against Lexis King this Saturday at NXT Deadline.
  • NXT Championship contract signing – Baron Corbin was seen provoking Ilja Dragunov by bringing in his family and Dragunov was seen holding himself back. Ilja says, the only one who can destroy the dragon is the dragon himself. All the men’s iron survivor challenge competitors were seen brawling in the arena.

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