WWE NXT 28 November 2023 Written Updates, Results, Ratings, Highlights, Match Card, Segments, and More

Latest episode of WWE NXT on 28 November 2023 has been aired already and action started right from the get-go as Stacks and Tony D’Angelo defended their tag titles against Garza and Humberto on the show kick-off. Women’s and Men’s iron survivor challenge qualifiers once again continued on the show. Roxanne Perez took her revenge from Kiana James and Arianna Grace finally settled her score against Karmen Petrovic.

Wes Lee faced three former NXT North American Champions for one last chance against Dominik Mysterio. More revelations were made related to Trick Williams secret attacker. Andre Chase finally addressed media regarding the CHASE University investigation and a lots more interesting things happened on tonight’s show.

WWE NXT 28 November 2023 Full Match Card with Winners Names

1. Channing Stacks Lorenzo and Tony D’Angelo vs Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza – NXT Tag Team Titles Match

Winner – Channing Stacks Lorenzo and Tony D’Angelo wins via Pinfall

Match Rating – 2.5/5*

2. Kelani Jordan vs Kiana James – Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge Qualifying Match

Winner – Kelani Jordan wins via Pinfall

Match Rating – 2/5*

3. Bron Breakker vs Eddy Thorpe – Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge Qualifying Match

Winner – Bron Breakker wins via Pinfall

Match Rating – 2.5/5*

4. Ilja Dragunov vs Nathan Frazer – Singles Match

Winner – Ilja Dragunov wins via Pinfall

Match Rating – 2/5*

5. Karmen Petrovioc vs Arianna Grace – Singles Match

Winner – Arianna Grace wins via Pinfall

Match Rating – 1/5*

6. Brooks Jensen vs Lexis King – Singles Match

Winner – Lexis King wins via Pinfall

Match Rating – 2/5*

7. Wes Lee vs Bronson Reed vs Cameron Grimes vs Johnny Gargano – Fatal-4-Way Match

Winner – Wes Lee wins via Pinfall

Match Rating – 3.5/5*

WWE NXT 28 November 2023 All Segments Highlights

  • In the backstage footage from earlier today, Axiom and Nathan Frazer were seen talking about Baron Corbin and Ilja Dragunov. Dragunov takes offense to Nathan Frazer saying he would rather have Corbin’s lifestyle over Dragunov’s any day.
  • Backstage – Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen and Fallon Henley talks about Briggs qualifying for the Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge match and then Lexis King shows up. Lexis King congratulates Briggs before introducing himself to Fallon Henley and mocking Jensen for not being picked for a qualifier.
  • Backstage – We hear from Alpha Academy as Chad Gable says to he came close to winning the Heritage Cup, and Maxxine Dupri says she wants to get her hands on Lash Legend. Gable calls Meta-Four “savages” and “idiots” and challenges them to a six-person mixed tag match next week.
  • Andre Chase addresses Chase University allegations in a press conference. Chase said, “The university has been the victim of suspicious and illegal activity such as gambling and misuse of funds that has put the university in severe debt, and he takes responsibility and will pay back these obligations and restore the university.”
  • From NXT Anonymous – We see surveillance footage of Lexis King sneaking up on Trick Williams proving that King ambushed Trick.
  • Backstage – Carmelo Hayes came in Trick Williams locker room and he talk to him about the video by NXT Anonymous which proves that Lexis King was behind attack. Melo tells Trick to have Lexis King pay in his match tonight, but Trick says that he has to be smart about this due to the Iron Survivor Challenge.

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  • Backstage – Roxanne Perez says if she cannot qualify for the women’s Iron Survivor Challenge, neither can Kiana James. Ava Rain reveals that there will be two last challenge matches for the Iron Survivor Challenge. This leads to a brawl when someone mentions Kiana James also getting a last chance and shoving Roxanne by the face.
  • After the match between Ilja Dragunov and Nathan Frazer, Baron Corbin shows up on the titantron and says the NXT Championship is the only reason Dragunov is here and the one thing he is missing from his life. Corbin further says that he will take the title from Dragunov and have everything while Dragunov will have nothing left. Corbin ends up by saying that next week, they will be face-to-face, but for now, Dragunov can enjoy his lonely night.
  • Backstage – McKenzie Mitchell interviews Lyra Valkyria – Lyra says that she is looking forward to her next challenger from the women’s Iron Survivor Challenge and then Fallon Henley shows up. Henley says that she will leave Deadline as Iron Survivor and face Lyra. Tatum Paxley shows up from behind and says that if Fallon Henley does win, Lyra will defeat her anyway.
  • We hear from Meta-Four – Noam Dar says that Alpha Academy is making demands, while everyone else says they are mad that Noam Dar retained the Heritage Cup. Noam Dar further says that he is the next Iron Survivor, he finished up by saying that Meta-Four will see Alpha Academy next week.
  • Joe Gacy cuts a promo from down under the ring by saying that he wanted a new prospective.
  • Backstage – McKenzie Mitchell interviews Wes Lee. Lee says that tonight is a big night and he is “attached” to the North American Championship. Lee further says that he has to be the one to win and go to Deadline, but he will do anything to win the title back.
  • Parking Lot – Roxanne Perez and Kiana James were seen brawling like wild cats and NXT security tried to separate them.

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