WWE NXT 13 August 2020 Results, Segments Highlights Written Details

Velveteen Dream makes a return on the NXT episode today also Karrion Kross signs the contract to face Keith Lee at NXT TakeOver XXX. Rhea Ripley confronts Mercedes Martinez after the vicious attack she faced last week also Shotzi Blackheart joins Ripley. Adam Cole challenges Pat McAfee to a match at NXT TakeOver 30. Mia Yim faces Indi Hartwell in a singles match and Santos Escobar destroys Tyler Breeze in a one on one battle.

WWE NXT 13 August 2020 Winners and Losers

1. Karrion Kross w/Scarlett vs. Danny Burch Singles Match

Winner – Karrion Kross

Loser – Danny Burch

Karrion Kross suplexes Danny Burch after which Burch surprises Kross with a missile dropkick. Burch German suplexes Kross. Kross pops back up to his feet. Burch suplexes Kross again and immediately hits a lariat after that. Burch puts Kross in the crossface. Kross escapes and obliterates Burch with two doomsday Saitos. Kross puts Burch in the Cross Jacket. Burch passes out. After the match, Current NXT Champion Keith Lee marches down to the ring. Kross rolls out of the ring. Lee says he promised Regal that he wouldn’t put his hands on Kross till the ppv. Lee has a signed contract with his name and Regal’s name. It just needs Kross’ “Bitch ass” to sign it. Scarlett brings the contract to Kross. Kross signs it. Scarlett brings the title back to the ring. Scarlett kisses it before closing the folder it’s in. Scarlett slides the contract to Lee. Lee opens it and a fireball explodes in his face. The medical staff and a bunch of referees check on Lee. Lee was screaming for Kross.

2. Killian Dain vs. Drake Maverick Singles Match

Winner – No Contest

Loser – No Contesst

Drake Maverick lands a few kicks before being slammed by Killian Dain. Killian Dain missed a senton. Maverick lights Dain up with a few strikes. The Undisputed Era hits the ring and beats the hell out of Maverick and Dain. Adam Cole grabs a mic and dares Pat McAfee to come to NXT next week. Cole wants to tell McAfee to his face that he is going to kick his ass at Takeover 30.

3. Tyler Breeze vs. Santos Escobar Singles Match

Winner – Santos Escobar

Loser – Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze and Santos Escobar trade strikes. Escobar goes low on Breeze. Escobar badmouths Breeze as he continues his assault. Breeze escapes the Phantom Driver. Breeze lands a few elbow strikes. Breeze superkicks Escobar. Wilde and Mendoza hits the ring. In the confusion, Escobar hits Breeze with the Phantom Driver for the win. After the match, Fandango walks down to the ring with his arm in a sling. Fandango has a stick. Fandango gets in a few shots before the numbers game takes over. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott hits the ring to make the save.

4. Indi Hartwell vs. Mia Yim Singles Match

Winner – Mia Yim

Loser – Indi Hartwell

Indi Hartwell kicks Mia Yim in the face. Hartwell slaps Yim. Yim double legs Hartwell. Yim fires up and lands a few power moves. German suplex by Yim. Yim rolls Hartwell into a modified butterfly lock. Hartwell taps out.

5. Damian Priest vs. Bronson Reed Singles Match

Winner – Bronson Reed

Loser – Damian Priest

Damian Priest and Bronson Reed jockey for position. Neither man can get the advantage. Reed floors Priest wit a shoulder block. Reed and Priest trade strikes. After the break, Priest hits the broken arrow. Reed kicks out. Reed reverses Priest’s suplex into a suplex of his own. Reed rolls Priest into a jackknife cover for the surprise win.

6. Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro vs. Mercedes Martinez and Aliyah Tag Team Match

Winners – Mercedes Martinez and Aliyah

Losers – Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro

Before the start of the match, Robert Stone tells Kacy Catanzaro to lose the loser (Carter) and join him. Catanzaro stomps on Stone’s injured leg. Kayden Carter and Catanzaro double team Aliyah. Catanzaro gets a near fall after a senton atomico. Mercedes Martinez and Aliyah crush Carter with a combo wheelbarrow facebuster. After the break. Martinez and Aliyah were working over Carter. Carter manages to tag in Catanzaro. Catanzaro hits a koppo kick on Martinez. Catanzaro tries a ranna but Martinez reverses it into the air raid crash for the win. After the match, Rhea Ripley walks down to the ring. Stone and Aliyah run away. Ripley tackles Martinez. Aliyah tries to help bit Martinez pushes her away. Martinez and Aliyah stomp Ripley. Shotzi Blackheart runs down to the ring and makes the save.

7. Kushida vs. Cameron Grimes vs. The Velveteen Dream North American Championship Triple Threat Qualifying match

Winner – The Velveteen Dream

Losers – Kushida and Cameron Grimes

Kushida puts Cameron Grimes in a flying hammerlock off the top. Velveteen Dream tries to break it up but gets put on the Hoverboard Lock. Dream almost turns it into the DVD. Kushida reverses that into the Hoverboard lock. Grimes hits the Cave In on Kushida. Grimes pushes Dream out of the ring and pins Kushida. After the match, Dream beats up Kushida.

WWE NXT 13 August 2020 All Segments Updates

1. Backstage, Keith Lee was put in an ambulance. Mia Yim comes to check on Lee. They both get in the ambulance and drive away. As the ambulance pulls off,

2. Backstage, Mia Yim was putting on her ring jacket. When asked how Leee is, Yim says she just got back to the arena and she doesn’t have an update yet.

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