WWE NXT 12 December 2023 Written Updates, Results, Ratings, Highlights, Match Card, Segments, and More

Tonight’s episode of WWE NXT on 12 December 2023 started with a promo segment from the returning Cora Jade. Tatum Paxley was once again seen stalking Lyra Valkyria like a psycho lover. Dragon Lee issues an open challenge for his North American Championship.

Men’s Breakout tournament also started on todays episode of NXT and Dijak was seen completely destroying Eddy Thorpe in the ring. Carmelo Hayes puts blame on Ilja Dragunov for attacking him and Trick Williams

WWE NXT 12 December 2023 Full Match Card with Winners Names

1. The Meta- Four (Noam Dar, Oro Mensah, and Lash Legend) vs Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen, and Fallon Henley – 6 Person Mixed tag team Match

Winner – Brooks Jensen, Josh Briggs, and Fallon Henley wins via Pinfall

Match Rating – 3.5/5*

2. Oba Femi vs Myles Borne – Men’s Breakout Tournament first round match

Winner – Oba Fami wins via Pinfall

Match Rating – 2.5/5*

3. Dragon Lee (c) vs Tyler Bate – NXT North American Championship open challenge match

Winner – Dragon Lee wins via Pinfall

Match Rating – 4.5/5

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4. Dijak vs  Eddy Thorpe – Singles Match

Winner – Eddy Thorpe wins via Disqualification

Match Rating – 1.5/5*

5. Keanu Carver vs Riley Osborne – Men’s Breakout Tournament first round match

Winner – Riley Osborne wins via Disqualification

Match Rating – 3/5*

6. Lyra Valkyria and Nikkita Lyons vs Cora Jade and Blair Davenport – Tag Team Match

Winner – Cora Jade and Blair Davenport wins via Pinfall

Match Rating – 3/5*

WWE NXT 12 December 2023 All Segments Highlights

  • Carmelo Hayes was seen holding his knee backstage and Trick Williams came to help.
  • Cora Jade was already in the ring and she said that everything is better when she’s around. Cora further said that everybody is talking about her return. Lyra Valkyria cuts off Cora and she said that you still try to take shortcuts, but things have changed here as I’m the NXT Women’s Champion. Blair Davenport came and she said that she has beaten four of the best women to become iron survivor, Cora is not one of them. Lyra said that I am still surprised that you both are not best friends as you like to jump people from behind, Blair said I will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Nikkita Lyons marches down the ring and brawl break out between all four of them. Nikkita and Lyra ended up standing tall in the ring.
  • Backstage in an interview to Kelly Kincaid, Dragon Lee wishes Wes Lee a speedy recovery and he said that he will defend his North American title like him. Dragon Lee announced that he will be issuing an open challenge tonight.
  • Backstage, Doctor tells Carmelo Hayes that he is cleared to compete tonight and he is absolutely fine.
  • Backstage in Lyra Valkyria’s locker room, Lyra Valkyria tells Nikkita Lyons that she won’t let Cora Jade to poison this division. Nikkita says wants Blair Davenport ten times as badly, then Lyra finds out that Tatum Paxley has pasted her face where Becky’s is on the photo on the back of Lyra’s locker room door
  • Backstage, Josh Briggs tells Fallon Henley and Brooks Jensen that he is going after Heritage cup now. Jensen tells Briggs that its not his style as he is more of a one punch knockout guy. Briggs still insists on going after the cup and then both Jensey & Henley supported him.
  • Backstage, Ava Raine tells Lexis King that everyone in the Men’s Breakout Tournament wants to beat him up, but Lexis says that he does not care and even thinks Ava is turned on by him. Lexis then inform him that he is replacing Troy Bearhill in the tournament.
  • Backstage, Blair Davenport says when Cora Jade gets her title match it’ll be against her. They both said that they want to take out Lyra Valkyria.
  • Backstage, Thea Hail tries to hit on Riley Osborne and then Jay Jayne pushed her into meeting Riley. Jayne watches as Thea Hail tries to gather strength to talk to Riley and succeeds. Kiana James and Izzi Dame shows up and tells Thea Hail that Riley is out of her league
  • After the tag team match between Cora Jade and Blair Davenport vs Nikkita Lyons and Lyra Vakyria, Tatum Paxley threw Nikkita Lyons out and crawled to Lyra Valkyria to hug her like a crazy lover.
  • Carmelo Hayes revealed that Ilja Dragunov was the one who attacked him and Trick Williams. Hayes accidently ends up hitting Trick Williams with the NXT Championship belt.

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