Why did Satya Pal Malik called PM Narendra Modi an arrogant man? Will he join Congress?

Present Meghalaya governor and veteran BJP Politician Satya Pal Singh Malik has recently came into limelight as a video of him was being made viral by BJP’s opposition parties on social media in which Mr. Malik can be seen criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi by calling him an arrogant man. Before becoming the governor of Meghalaya, Satya Pal Malik was the lieutenant governor of Jammu and Kashmir between the period of August 2018 to October 2019. Abrogation of article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir happened when he was in power in the state of J&K.

In the alleged viral video of Satya Pal Singh Malik on social media, Meghalaya Governor can be seen criticising PM Modi over his attitude when he met him over the farmers’ protests. Malik said, “When I met PM Modi, Me and him got into a fight after 5 minutes as he was in too much of arrogance. Malik further said, “When I asked him about 500 people died and you have not uttered a single word but even if a bitch dies you send letters, PM Modi responded saying that did they died for me.”

Satya Pal Malik did not stopped right there as he was further seen saying that home minister Amit Shah told him that Public support has made PM Narendra Modi arrogant.

Well as of right now it cannot be confirmed what was the agenda of Satya Pal Malik behind making such harsh remarks about PM Narendra Modi’s attitude or whether he will join Indian National Congress or not. As of right now he is 75 years old so a possibility of him jumping the BJP ship is very less but surely there is a huge possibility that we might get to see some disciplinary action being taken on him by the party high command in the coming days.

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