Top 5 Biggest WWE Kayfabe Storyline Myths of all time – Full List with Details

Its a known fact that every Professional wrestling company needs compelling storylines to succeed and in the past 30 years WWE has done a mind blowing job with this regard. Interestingly some of these WWE storylines were that much be believable that it became hard for the wrestling fans to differentiate between the reality and kayfabe because of which even some of the performers who were involved in these made up stories have to face stupid questions from their fans as the fans think that all those storylines were actually real.

In this article we are going to bust some of the biggest myths which are created by WWE because of its compelling storylines in the past 30 years or so and even you will get shocked knowing the reality uncovering in front of your eyes.

Kane and Undertaker are not real life Brothers :

The Undertaker made his WWE debut at Survivor Series 1990 and about 7 years later in 1997, Kane made his debut as Undertaker’s half brother and Paul Bearer’s illegitimate son. The whole storyline between the trio of Kane, Undertaker and Paul Bearer was built around Paul Bearer accusing The Undertaker of having burned down the family business as a child, killing his parents and younger half-brother Kane.

Even to this date, whenever Kane and Undertaker makes a TV appearance together, they often gets recognized as brothers (Brothers of Destruction) but the reality is completely different. In reality, Kane and Undertaker are not related at all and neither of them are Paul Bearer’s son or his illegitimate son.

Both Kane and Undertaker are son’s of two completely different father and mother duo. Kane’s real name is Glenn Jacobs and Undertaker’s real name is Mark Calaway.

Jason Jordan is not Kurt Angle’s illegitimate son :

Former Olympic Gold medallist and Professional wrestler Kurt Angle earned a lot of respect because of his incredible in-ring skills but he lost a little bit of that in year 2017 when on July 17 episode of RAW, he admitted that WWE wrestler Jason Jordan is his illegitimate son. Later on, Jason wrestled on the brand for multiple months as a member of Alpha Academy stable but it was never clarified that whether Jason is Kurt’s real son or not.

The truth of this entire thing is that Jason Jordan is not Kurt Angle’s illegitimate son in reality and both of them were the victims of some bad writing by WWE creative because of which there was never a payoff to that entire storyline and many wrestling fans still thinks that Kurt Angle actually cheated on his wife and family.

CM Punk’s Pipebomb Promo was scripted :

Phil Brooks alias CM Punk made a lot of headlines in year 2011 because of his infamous Pipebomb promo at WWE RAW and he almost made many professional wrestling experts and pundits believe that the entire promo which made him one of the biggest star in the biz during that time was actually a shoot and he intentionally went off the script because of his frustrations with the company.

Ever after CM Punk’s first retirement from professional wrestling in year 2014, the Pipebomb promo was the sole reason that we witnessed CM Punk chants for 7 long years in multiple arenas on various occasions and most of those chants were heard especially during the WWE events.

The sad reality is that the entire Pipebomb promo by CM Punk in 2011 was scripted and it had Vince McMahon approval all over it as there is no way that a massive Global promotion like WWE and especially its owner (Vince McMahon) would have allowed CM Punk to publicly insult them by making such disrespectful harsh statements and that too on their own show.

Lita never married Kane in real life :

In June 2004, Kane made the shocking revelation that Lita alias Amy Dumas is pregnant with his child after which he forcefully married her couple of months later on 23 August 2004 episode of RAW. On 13 September 2004 episode of RAW, Lita suffered a miscarriage after after Gene Snitsky struck Kane with a chair, resulting in him falling on Lita.

This entire storyline including Kane and Lita never had a satisfying payoff and still there is a belief amongst several wrestling fans that Lita was indeed pregnant with Kane’s child and they also married each other but the reality is completely different as Lita is still single and she has never married anyone in real life. Also Kane never made her pregnant in reality.

The Undertaker is a mortal human being :

The Undertaker is arguably one of the greatest professional wrestler of all time as far as character work is concerned but many wrestling fans still thinks that he is immortal and in their opinion, he has the power to come back to life after dying.

The biggest reason behind fans having such bizarre thinking that Undertaker can never die is due to the fact that WWE presented him as some powerful entity which was the power of rebirth because of a thing called the Urn. Undertaker even got burned multiple times by his opponent on TV during the storyline feuds but he always managed to came back to life thanks to his on-screen father Paul Bearer using Urn to bring his son back to life to take redemption on various occasions.

All of this might sound interesting to some while bizarre to others but the reality is that the Undertaker is a mortal human being just like all of us and he never died in reality (Fortunately). The whole Urn thing and coming back to life superpowers was just a part of his entire gimmick & persona and nothing else.

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