Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 12 May 2021 Written – Harman’s DNA report arrived

Soumya and Harman looked at each other before going to sleep. Harman smiles at her. He gives her flying kiss. Soumya catches it. She also gives him flying kiss and smiles back at him. They wish good night to each other. Soumya enters her room and locks the door. Harman and Soumya recall what Preeto told them. Their flashbacks were shown. Soumya smiles remembering Harman.

Preeto opens Harman’s room door and sees Harman is sleeping. Preeto recalls how Harman jumped off the cliff. She turns off the AC and covers Harman with blanket. Preeto thinks how Soumya believed that this person is Harman only. Did she get the same feeling what I am feeling right now. Preeto recalls everything. She was about to touch Harman but Harak holds her hand. He takes her to room.

Preeto tells Harak Singh don’t know what I was feeling that time. Why I went to his room. I felt like he is my son. Harak says I can understand a mother’s love but you have to wait until the DNA report comes. Preeto tells we know that Soumya won’t trust someone easily. There must be some reason. Harak says trust God. Preeto grows hopeful and emotional.

Preeto wakes up next morning and finds herself outside in some unknown place. She notices one letter with a knife attached to it. She gets shocked reading the letter. Which says I am back again to take revenge from you all. Go to your house and check. Preeto rushes to home. Angel’s glimpses were shown.

Some people beat Arjun and Arjun assures them saying he will return their money. He tells them to meet him somewhere else. Heer observes them from a secret place. Heer calls Virat and tells him to meet her in Diamond Garden within one hour. Virat says why you started trusting my words all of a sudden? I won’t obey you. Heer says come with Simran, I have planned something. I’ll wait for you there. She disconnects the call. Virat gets irritated and says he won’t go to meet Heer.

Preeto knocks at the door. Harak opens it. Preeto starts calling everyone and she gets hyper. She says I found myself on street, can you believe it? what is happening with us? Harak and everybody tell her that they are also feeling dizziness as if they are drunk. Harak makes Preeto sit and he asks her to calm down.

Preeto shows Harak the suspicious letter saying someone threatened us to ruin our happiness. Who can do this? One person comes and gives Harman’s DNA report to Harak. Mahi says check it fast, Soumya will get exposed. Harak checks the report and gets shocked. Mahi says I was right then, Soumya is a liar. Everyone asks Harak what is in the report. Harak becomes speechless.

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