Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s ex-wife Reham Khan got attacked on 3 Jan 2022 at midnight – Full incident details

Former wife of Pakistan’s current Prime Minister ‘Imran Khan’ Reham Khan’s car got attacked last night on 3 Jan 2022 by some unknown people when she was coming back from her nephew’s marriage. It has been reported that Two unidentified men came on a motorbike and they held Reham’s vehicle at gunpoint. But fortunately Reham showed courage and she somehow managed to change vehicle at the crucial moment.

Reham confirmed about this serious incident late night on 3 Jan 2022 by posting the following tweet :

Reham also slammed the present PTI government for the lawlessness in the country and she said that so called Imran Khan’s government needs to be held accountable for this incident.

Reham Khan was married to Imran Khan since 2014 to 2015 as the couple got divorced later due to personal reason. Reham has known to be a huge critic of Imran Khan’s PTI government as she has been seen slamming her former husband many times on social media in the past.

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