NXT Great American Bash 9 July 2020 Night 2 Results, Segments Highlights Written Details

The night two of WWE NXT Great American Bash has already been concluded and we witnessed crowning of a new double Champion also Mia Yim and Candice LeRae had a fierce battle in a street fight match. Johnny Gargano squared off against Isaiah “Swerve” Scott in a singles match, Veteran female wrestler Mercedes Martinez crushes Santana Garrett putting the whole NXT Women’s locker room on notice. The evil duo of Karrion Kross and lady Scarlett hinted that they have their eyes on the new double champ.

WWE NXT GAB 9 July 2020 Winners and Losers

1. Mia Yim vs. Candice LeRae Street Fight

Winner – Candice LeRae

Loser – Mia Yim

Before Candice LeRae can walk down the ramp Mia Yim attacks her from behind. Yim tosses LeRae into the ring. Yim tosses a bunch of weapons into the ring. LeRae sprays Yim with a fire extinguisher. LeRae and Yim fight onto a platform. LeRae attempts a suplex off the platform. Yim blocks it. Yim dropkicks LeRae off the platform. LeRae crashes through the table below. At the end of this match, Mia Yim puts on a pair of brass knuckles. Yim tries to punch Candice LeRae but LeRae blocks it with a chair. LeRae hits Yim with a chair over and over again. LeRae climbs on the table she previously set up on the top rope. Yim cuts LeRae off. Yim and LeRae fight on the elevated table. LeRae removes the knuckles from Yim. LeRae hits Yim with the knuckles. LeRae hits a swinging neck breaker off the table onto a pile of steel chairs. LeRae drapes her arm on Yim for the three count. During the break, Johnny Gargano helps LeRae from the ring. Yim eventually gets to her feet. Yim sits in a chair while the crowd showers her with applause.

2. Bronson Reed vs. Tony Nese Singles Match

Winner – Bronson Reed

Loser – Tony Nese

Bronson Reed runs into a boot by Tony Nese. Nese chops Reed in the throat. Neck snap by Nese. Nese gets a near fall after a double jump springboard moonsault. Reed hits a lariat out of nowhere. Reed hits his splash off the top for the win.

3. Johnny Gargano vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott Singl;es Match

Winner – Johnny Gargano

Loser – Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Johnny Gargano rolls out to the apron Gargano lands a few strikes while Scott is still up top. Scott superkicks Gargano. Scott misses a double stomp to the outside. Gargano pushes Scott into the ring post. Gargano destroys Scott with a poison ranna out on the floor. Gargano hits his patented Slingshot DDT for the win.

4. Legado del Fantasma vs. Drake Maverick and Breezango 6 Man Tag Team Match

Winners – Legado del Fantasma

Losers – Drake Maverick and Breezango

At the end of this match, Fandango manages to tag in Drake Maverick as Escobar is tagged in on the other side of the ring. Maverick is all over Escobar. Maverick hits a wheelbarrow bulldog. A huge brawl between both teams breaks out. Escobar hits the Phantom Driver on Maverick for the win.

5. Mercedes Martinez vs. Santana Garrett Singles Match

Winner – Mercedes Martinez

Loser – Santana Garrett

In the beginning of this match, Mercedes Martinez kicks Santana Garrett in the guts. Martinez beats Garrett into the corner. Martinez throws in a few stiff right hands. Garrett tries a rollup but Martinez puts on the breaks. Garrett tries an octopus hold. Martinez fights out of it. Handspring elbow by Garrett. Martinez explodes out of the corner and hits a nasty boot to Garrett’s face. Ground and pound by Martinez. Martinez tries a butterfly suplex. Garrett escapes. Garrett lands a few strikes. Martinez runs over Garrett with a clothesline. Martinez crushes Garrett with a Fisherman Buster pinning her for the win.

6. NXT Champion Adam Cole vs. North American Champion Keith Lee Winner Take All

Winner – Keith Lee

Loser – Adam Cole

Adam Cole lands a Last Shot on Lee but Cole doesn’t try a pin. Cole sets up another Panama Sunrise. Cole yells for Lee to get up. Cole dives off the top but Lee catches him and hits a Spirit Bomb. Lee doesn’t let go. Lee lifts Cole up and hits the Big Bang Catastrophe for the win!. Karrion Kross and Scarlett are shown watching the match from the production booth. Kross laughs as Lee celebrates.

WWE NXT GAB 9 July 2020 All Segments Updates

1. Backstage, Robert Stone and Aliyah approached Shotzi Blackheart about joining the Robert Stone Brand. Blackheart says she rides solo. Stone goes nuts and tosses his coffee… it lands on Killian Dain. Dain drops Stone. Blackheart rides over Stone’s ankle with her little tank.

2. Backstage, Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae brags about their big wins tonight. Gargano complains about Finn Bálor getting in his way and being the reason he isn’t fighting Adam Cole tonight. Gargano says that he will deal with Bálor when the time comes.

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