MasterChef India Episode 25 January 2023 Written Updates – Team Challenge in Goa with Final Results Details

MasterChef India Season 7 Episode 18 has been telecasted already on 25 January 2023 on Sony TV and we saw the continuation of Mediterranean meals team service challenge happening between Blue team vs Yellow team. Main Course and Dessert’s were served to the Chef’s by both the teams and then finally the winners were declared.

During the Mediterranean Main Course preparation, rice of Priyanka Kundu Biswas’s team got burned. Suvarna Bagul suffered from a short circuit and then Priya Vijan’s team helped Priyanka’s team in making the main course meal. Finally the time limit for main course preparation got up and then time came for tasting.

MasterChef India Season 7 EP 18 – Team Priyanka vs Team Priya Mediterranean Meals Team Challenge – Full Info

Priyanka Kundu Biswas’s team made Pan Seared Fish and she told Vikas Khanna that Nayanjyoti & Kamal Deep were responsible for burned rice. Priya Vijan’s team made Grilled fish. At last all four judges started tasting the main course meals.

Priyanka’s team dish got tasted first and Ranveer Brar said that their combination of corn & pineapple doesn’t make any sense. Garima Arora said that they made a mistake by preparing the fish on pan instead of grill. Vikas Khanna loved the marination of the fish.

Ranveer Brar and other Chef’s tasted Priya Vijan’s team main course meal and they loved their dishes a lot after which they did a spoon drop for them.

Team Yellow (Priya Vijan’s team) won the Mediterranean Main Course round.

Finally both the teams started preparing Mediterranean Dessert’s for the third round but they were taking a lot of time and then Chef Garima Arora went in the kitchen to look after things.

Priya Vijan’ team made a Orange Olive Oil Cake and Priyanka Kundu Biswas’s team made a Mediterranean Dessert which is filo and Custard Based. Ranveer Brar said that the Pastry in Priyanka’s dessert is dry but they liked the crunch & texture. Chef’s said after tasting Priya Vijan’s dish that her dish looks a bit incomplete.

Finally Mariketty Grana takes a leave and time came to announce the results and the results were as follows :

  • Team Blue wins Mediterranean Medley Platter round.
  • Team Yellow wins Mediterranean Main Course round.
  • Team Yellow wins Mediterranean Dessert round.

Team Yellow (Priya Vijan’s team) wins Mediterranean 3 course meal challenge.

Fortune Dish of the Day – Team Yellow – Orange Olive Oil Cake

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