Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 28 March 2024 Written Updates – Mukul threatens Anvi

Todays 28 March 2024 episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein starts as Mukul confronts Anvi about overhearing her conversation with Savi. With a taunting tone, Mukul reminds Anvi of the secrecy they share and threatens her with punishment. Anvi defends herself, asserting that she hasn’t committed any wrongdoing and expresses regret for not exposing Mukul’s actions. Despite her efforts to reason with her mother, everyone in the vicinity is under the influence and fails to heed Anvi’s pleas. Feeling overwhelmed, Anvi flees from the situation, seeking refuge in her room where she locks herself away from the turmoil.

Reeva gazes at Ishaan with a sense of disbelief, half-convinced that she’s merely imagining his presence. Summoning her courage, Reeva confides in Ishaan, admitting the pain she feels when witnessing him with Savi. Despite her anguish, Reeva chooses to keep her feelings to herself, recognizing that Ishaan is already burdened with issues concerning Savi. Ishaan, sensing Reeva’s distress, offers his apologies, though Reeva dismisses them, feeling that apologies serve little purpose. Instead, she impulsively requests Ishaan to apply sindoor to her hair parting, a symbolic gesture of marital commitment. In their intoxicated state, Ishaan complies with Reeva’s request, leading her to the temple where he obtains sindoor to fulfill her wish.

As Ishaan prepares to apply sindoor to Reeva’s hair parting, Savi interrupts, arriving with food for Ishaan and urging him to eat. Setting the sindoor aside at Savi’s request, Ishaan complies and prepares to wash his hands before eating. Meanwhile, Reeva frantically searches for the sindoor, eventually confronting Savi and inquiring about its whereabouts. Recognizing the distress caused by her actions, Savi offers a sincere apology to Reeva.

Observing Ishaan’s affection for Reeva despite being married to her, Savi experiences a moment of realization regarding the depth of Ishaan’s feelings. Curious and somewhat hurt, Savi questions Ishaan about his decision to marry her despite his love for Reeva. In response, Ishaan confesses that he had intended to disclose the truth to Savi long ago but refrained from doing so. He explains that he had contemplated revealing his feelings during his visit to Nagpur.

Mukul approaches Anvi with a disappointed expression, expressing his feelings openly. He reminds Anvi of the love Surekha has for her and gently suggests that if Anvi accuses him, it might tarnish her reputation rather than his. Mukul inquires if Anvi intends to confide in anyone about their conversation. Anvi, despite feeling intimidated by Mukul, confidently asserts that she won’t be disclosing anything to others.

Ishaan finds himself at a loss for words, struggling to remember what he wanted to say. Savi notices this and makes a comment about Ishaan’s absent-mindedness. Later, Ishaan inquires about the sindoor, prompting Reeva to offer to retrieve it. Feeling tired, Ishaan eventually drifts off to sleep, resting his head on Savi’s shoulder.

Precap : Anvi attempts to harm herself by cutting her wrist, but Savi intervenes, preventing Anvi from hurting herself further. Concerned, Savi questions Anvi about her actions. Anvi, feeling desperate and defeated, explains that despite her honesty, nothing has changed. In a bold move, Savi confronts Mukul, vowing to reveal his true nature and intentions.

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