Dance Deewane Season 3 Episode 3 Performances, Selected Contestants Names 6 Mar 2021 Written Details

Episode 3 of Dance Deewane Season 3 started with a bang as we saw a 3 year old little Michael Jackson dancing on Tip Tip Barsa Pani after which 8 year old Aman Kumar Raj knocked it out of the park with his Govind Style dance moves. Tejas also gave a breathtaking performance and Tushar Sir learned some moves from him. Also throughout the show Raghav Juyal kept making fun of Tushar Kalia calling him a Snake because of his outfit.

Dance Deewane Season 3 EP 3 Contestants Names with Performances, Selections and Rejections

First Solo contestant – Shashank – Age 3 Yrs – A small kid came on stage and he says that his name is Michael Jackson, he danced on Tip Tip Barsa Pani song in Michael Jackson’s style and during his performance both Dharmesh & Tushar joined him and then lifted him in the end.

Second Duo – Shubham and Priya – Age 20 Yrs and 21 Yrs – Shubham and Priya gave a Kathak dance performance on Mere Dholna Sunn song and after their dance they got a standing ovation from all three judges also Madhuri Dixit pressed the play button. Later Madhuri did a dance with them on Kahe Chere Chere Mohe song on stage.

Third Solo Contestant – Aman Kumar Raj – Age 8 Yrs – An emitional intro was shown for Aman and he belongs to a poor family as his father was a barber. Aman danced on Giroya Chura Na Mera Jiya song and Hero Jaise Naach Ke Dikhau. Aman gets a standing ovation from all three judges after his dance and they pressed the play button together. Madhuri praised him as she earliier tweeted for him to bring him to the show. Madhuri did a whistle for Aman. Madhuri calls him Chhota Chi Chi. Aman also delivered some Govinda’s dialogues to impress the judges. Madhuri did a dance with Aman on on Giroya Chura Na Mera Jiya song while the song was playing Tushar, and Dharmesh started fighting to dance with Madhuri on the song after which Raghav also joined them.

Fourth Solo Contestant – Tejas – Age 17 Yrs – Tejas danced on Mai Teri Chunariya song. All three judges pressed the play buzzer one by one after his performance ends. Tejas father had a Vada Pav stall and he comes from a poor family. Dharmesh gets emotional hearing his story as he came from a same background. Tushar danced with Tejas and both Dharmesh and Madhuri got impressed with his dance.

Fifth Solo Contestaant – Rasila – Age 64 Yrs – An old lady brought Dhokla for judges and Raghav also ate them. All the judges danced on Kamriya song with her while Raghav stole the Dhokla’s and later Tushar steals them from Raghav.

Sixth Duo – Mathew and Marina – Age 56 and 58 Yrs – Mathew and Marina on danced on Gori Gori song. Dharmesh says he loved it because they were dancing without any tension. Later Tushar danced with Marina. Raghav also joined them and he takes off his shirt and starts doing funny dance with Mathew. Raghav did some masti as he acted like he was shocked as who took off his shirt.

Seventh Solo Contestant – Chanveer– Age 18 Yrs – Chanveer gave a fabulous performance on Bekhayali song. Chanveer receives a standing ovation from all three judges after the end of his performance. Dharmesh says that Chanveer’s performance is still going in his mind. Tushar says that you have done 4-5 things which I have never seen in my life. Chanveer says that I am a fan of yours Tushar sir then Tushar says no I am your fan now. All three judges pressed play buzzer for Chanveer together.

Eighth Solo Contestant – Dr. Richa– Age 25 Yrs – Dr. Richa danced on Haye Garmi song and that too wearing a PPE suit which is usually being worn by doctors for COVID protection. Raghav Juyal made a some jokes on her after her performance. Dr. Richa had a viral video earlier dancing in a hospital in PPE suit. Dr. Richa finally revealed her face and Madhuri says that her dance made them happy. All three judges and Raghav danced with Dr. Richa on stage.

Ninth Group – Delusion – Age 21 – 25 Yrs – Delusion group gave a performance on Kaho Na Kaho song and they got selected after all three judges pressed play buzzer.

Tenth Solo Contestant – Rishabh gave a Popping Style dance performance on Ek Laadki Bheegi Bhaagi Si song and all three judges pressed the play buzzer for him after which he gets selected.

Eleventh Group – Panwelkars – Age 21 – 25 Yrs – Panwelkars Group gave a Bolly Hop Style dance performance on a Marathi song after which all three judges danced with them on stage on the same track. They got selected as all three judges pressed Play buzzer for them.

Twelfth Group – Bone Brothers – Age 17 – 25 Yrs – Bone Brothers gave a bone breaking dance performance on Bachke Tu Rehna song doing the Contortion dance style. Raghav cracked jokes with them after their performance. All three judges pressed play button for them and they got selected. Dharmesh and Tushar tried doing their dance steps with them after Bone Brothers performance but the failed badly.

Thirteenth Solo Contestant – Pallavi – Age 39 Yrs – Pallavi gave a Kathak style dance performance and all three judges stood up for her after the end of her performance appreciating her by pressing the play buzzer together. Pallavi was the wife of Harshal Vithal who was a senior choreographer.

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