Bigg Boss 17 Episode 3 Written Updates 17 October 2023 – Fights, Nominations, Romance, and More Details

Nominations happened in the Bigg Boss 17 house on the 2nd day and three contestants came in the danger zone. Heated arguments happened between Abhishek Kumar and Arun Srikanth Mashettey over silly issues. Mannara received a reality check and she started crying after seeing the true faces of fellow contestants.

Munawar Faruqui was seen flirting with both Mannara Chopra and Soniya Bansal on the same day. Jigna Vora finally came out of her shell and she was seen raising her voice against Anurag Dobhal over the distribution of house duties.

BB17 EP 3 Day 2 Picture Mannara Chopra and Vicky Jain

BB17 Day 2 Episode 3 All Happenings Written Details

Day 2 – 10:00 AM – Abhishek Kumar apologized to Soniya Bansal for his aggressive behaviour towards her last night. They both hugged each other and patched up.

Day 2 – 10:30 AM – Morning anthem song started and all the housemates gathered in the garden area to sing the song together.

Day 2 – 2:45 PM – Sunny Arya, Abhishek Kumar, and Arun Srikanth Mashettey discussed about not giving the toilet cleaning duties to ladies. They cracked some weird toilet jokes and started laughing. Abhishek tells Soniya that she should thank him because now everyone knows about who is Soniya. Soniya went to Sunny and Arun after which she told them about what Abhishek told her. Ankita Lokhande tells Abhishek Kumar about how Vicky Jain proposed her.

Day 2 – 3:30 PM – Sunny Arya was cracking some jokes about selling slippers. Abhishek Kumar had an argument with Arun and then they both started mocking each other by saying meet me outside then I will show you.

Day 2 – 4:00 PM – The fight continues between Abhishek and Arun. Khanzaadi got hurt during their fight after which Bigg Boss tells all the contestants to gather at Mohalle Ka Chowk. Bigg Boss scolds Abhishek for his bad behaviour.

Day 2 – 4:15 PM – Munawar, Ankita, and Vicky tells Abhishek to improve his behaviour and not fight with everyone.

Day 2 – 4:45 PM – Abhishek came to Arun and he apologized to him. He also apologized to Bigg Boss.

Day 2 – 5:45 PM – Bigg Boss called Ankita Lokhande in the therapy room. Bigg Boss played a special audio to give therapy to Ankita. Khanzaadi Firoza Khan sings a rap song and it was way too good.

Day 2 – 7:30 PM – Sunny and Anurag were discussing about garden duties after which Ankita gave them suggestion.

Day 2 – 7:45 PM – Munawar Faruqui had an argument with Anurag Dobhal in the kitchen area as Munawar was telling him that Anurag has not done any work in the entire day.

Day 2 – 8:00 PM – The argument between Munawar and Anurag continues, while Navid Sole was cleaning the garden area outside.

Day 2 – 8:15 PM – Jigna Vora complains that no one is doing any chopping apart from Munawar and Vicky. Jigna argues with Anurag and he tells her that he is doing all his duties.

Day 2 – 8:30 PM – Anurag tells Arun that Jigna Ji has played double game with us. Arun tells him to reassign duties. Khanzaadi teaches Navid on how to sweep.

Day 2 – 9:00 PM – Arun tells Navid to be himself.

Day 2 – 9:30 PM – Bigg Boss tells all the housemates of three houses “Dil, Dimaag, and Dum” to gather in their houses. Bigg Boss tells them that the nominations is getting started and they have to tell him the names of the contestant who is BB’s casting mistake as per them.

After the nominations process – Mannara Chopra, Navid Sole, and Abhishek Kumar got nominated for eviction.

Day 2 – 10:00 PM – Mannara Chopra cried in front of Sunny Arya that she feels backstabbed by Vicky Jain. Mannara complained to Vicky that she felt bad and Ankita told her not to cry.

Day 2 – 10:30 PM – Mannara Chopra went in the confession room with Munawar Faruqui and she started crying in front of Bigg Boss by saying that she felt bad that Vicky Jain nominated her. Munawar made some Shayri and Mannara laughed. Bigg Boss gave Munawar a letter and he told him to read it in front of everyone.

Day 2 – 11:00 PM – Munawar reads the letter and it was written that the safe contestants pictures will be shown on Hyundai safety wall.

Day 2 – 11:30 PM – Munawar tells Mannara that you are the most real person in Dil house room. He further tells her that you are not strong, but its alright.

Day 2 – 12-45 AM – Jigna Vora tells Ankita Lokhande that she is sorry to her for her bad tone towards her earlier today.

Day 2 – 1-15 AM – Jigna Vora and Sana Raees Khan teased Munawar Faruqui on getting flat on Soniya Bansal’s smile.

Day 2 – 1:30 AM – Vicky Jain tells Isha and Abhishek that it seems that Neil Bhatt has stuck with Aishwarya Sharma.

Day 2 – 2:15 AM – Isha tells Mannara that she always try to put others down and Mannara says that she doesn’t intend to do that.

Day 2 – 3:15 AM – Munawar tells Mannara to not to drain herself by getting affected like that and save some energy. Mannara thanked her.

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