Bigg Boss 15 Episode 15 Nov 2021 Written Updates – Shamita gets emotional, Non VIP members becomes slaves

Shamita gets emotional after she gets to know that Raqesh Bapat is not coming back to the Bigg Boss 15 house again and she started crying. Vishal Kotian tells Karan, Umar, and Tejasswi that it will be beneficial for him now that Raqesh is not here. Vishal says that game and relation are two different things. Karan was seen telling Nishant that Vishal is backstabbing Shamita on a very big level.

Bigg Boss announces that VIP members will get special privileges and they will make non vip members do what they want. Rajiv and Simba were given kitchen duty and they both went inside the store room to collect ration for the whole week. Nishant and Tejasswi were instructing them from outside about what to bring and what not.

Neha gets annoyed and she tells Tejasswi that we will do it so stop shouting. Time gets up and Neha says that food is more important then milk. Tejasswi tries to explain to her but Neha stopped her by calling her brainless. Karan says in the vip room that we will pressurize them and make them do work. Nishant says that we will use our power.

Tejasswi says to non vip members that what we are deciding you people have to follow the orders. Pratik says who are you? Tejasswi says VIP. Jay says that I have a problem with Tejasswi’s tone. Neha says punish me if you want but I will not clean the utensils. Karan says that we have other ways to make you do it. Neha says that it is appearing like we are their slaves. Pratik says I won’t clean clothes no matter what, Jay dares VIP members to make him do their work.

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