Bigg Boss 15 Day 2 and Day 3 Episode 4 Oct 2021 Written Updates – Pratik vs Jay Fight, Vishal Exposed Afsana Khan

On todays episode 3 of Bigg Boss Season 15 we saw the Day 2 and Day 3 happenings and Vishal Kotian was seen ruling the whole show at all fronts. Pratik Sehajpal had a fight with Jay Bhanushali over a coffee mug, Miesha Iyer made a serious allegation on Pratik, and Afsana Khan had a fight with Vidhi Pandya after which Vishal Kotian completely exposed Afsana.

BB15 Day 2 and Day 3 Happenings Written Details

Day 2 – 8:30 AM – Vishal Kotian had romantic conversation with Vishwa Sundari Tree and he says he has a major crush on her

Day 2 – 10:30 AM – OTT Contestants Shamita, Pratik and Nishant talked about the kitchen duties with the other contestants.

Day 2 – 10:45 AM – Big G came and gave a scroll to the housemates, Jay says Pratik is the new product of this house. Miesha was crying in the store room and Vishal Kotian asked her what happened. Pratik reads the scroll and Miesha says to Vishal that she is crying because how Pratik treated her while distributing the kitchen duties.

Day 2 – 11:00 AM – Vishal, Tejasswi and Jay made Miesha laugh in the kitchen and she told the housemates only Pratik used to like her and it was one sided.

Day 2 – 12:00 PM – Bigg Boss sent food in the store room for the OTT contestants and they celebrated it.

Day 2 – 1:00 PM – OTT contestants talked about the other contestants and Pratik says there is not a single strong opinionated person.

Day 2 – 2:15 PM – Pratik and Akasa had a conversation and it appeared that they will form a romantic couple in the house.

Day 2- 2:30 PM – Jay teased and had fun with Shamita Shetty in the garden area with other housemates

Day 2 – 4:15 PM – Miesha changed her clothes in front of the camera because Pratik did not allowed her to go to the changing room. After this incidennt Miesha had a fight with Pratik over this issue. Miesha cried after this and she complained to Donal about it.

Day 2 – 4:45 PM – Visahal says to Miesha and other girls that you should have told Pratik to get away from here while this changing incident was happening. Pratik explained his side of the story to Karan and Nishant.

Day 2 – 6:00 PM – Jay told Tejaswi, Simba and Miesha that he is not fond of Pratik’s attitude

Day 2 – 6:15 PM – Vidhi told the whole story about the clothes changing incident to Karan and Karan says that Pratik did not told me full story.

Day 2 – 7:45 PM – Miesha said that she find it wrong that Pratik was continuously poking her and Pratik came to that corner while she was changing. Pratik asked did you thought my intention was not right and Karan said you were wrong there Pratik. Shamita defends Pratik and says his intention was not wrong but he was wrong going there two times.

Day 2 – 8:00 PM –Pratik says to Miesha I have nothing against you. Miesha says I am sorry to him in a sarcastic way

Day 2 – 8:15 PM – Karan tells Pratik that Miesha is intimidated with him and he needs to be open minded

Day 2 – 10:30 PM – Donal and Akasa had a conversation and they said Pratik is not bad by heart. Akasa says she has feelings for him

Day 2 – 11:00 PM – Donal and Akasa had a conversation in the kitchen and Donal told Akasa if she has feeling for Pratik then go for it.

Day 3 – 12:00 AM – Vishal says while talking to Simba, Shamita is sweet but Pratik is weird.

Day 3 – 1:00 AM – Vidhi, Donal and Miesha had a conversation about Pratik in the washroom

Day 3 – 8:00 AM – Housemates wake up on song Bach Ke Rehna Re Baba.

Day 3 – 8:45 AM – Vishal told Tejasswi that him, her, Jay and Karan will play together

Day 3 – 9:00 AM – Pratik starting doing his usual thing of nitpicking others on there things being not on right place. Jay mocked Pratik.

Day 3 – 12:30 PM – Pratik started complaining about cup in the bathroom. Vishal tries to counter him.

Day 3 – 12:45 PM – Pratik had an argument with Umar over the mug in bathroom issue saying he will get punished. Vishal and Jay went against Pratik over this issues as Pratik was doing too much.

Day 3 – 1:30 PM – Bigg Boss tells all the jungle housemates to put there whole luggage in the store room except essentials and OTT contestants have to moderate it.

Day 3 – 2:00 PM – Tejasswi and Vidhi almost put the kitchen on fire. OTT contestants started doing fighting with the other housemates over essential things. Afsana was going against the jungle contestants and Jay told her not to do this.

Day 3 – 2:15 PM – Afsana Singh had a short argument with Vidhi

Day 3 – 2:30 PM – Afsana started behaving bad with Vidhi and tells her that I will break your face. Vishal completely exposed Afsana there and tells her to hit her but Afsana didn’t



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