AEW Dynamite 7 October 2020 Results, Highlights, 30 Years of Jericho Celebrated – Written Details

Chris Jericho celebrates the completion of his 30 years in the wrestling business on todays episode of AEW Dynamite. Cody Rhodes had an epic Dog Collar match against Brodie Lee for AEW TNT Championship. Serena Deeb and Big Swole squared off against each other in a singles match. Kenny Omega hints that he is coming for the AEW World Title next.

AEW Dynamite 7 October 2020 Winners and Losers

1. Will Hobbs vs. Brian Cage Singles Match for FTW Championship

Winner – Brian Cage

Loser – Will Hobbs

Hobbs and Cage shoulder block one another and slug it out. Back and forth they go. It’s Cage who finally knocks Hobbs down with a back elbow, but Hobbs gets up and knocks Cage down. Running crossbody gets a two count for Hobbs. Shots in the corner by Will. Cage kicks him in the mush and then pancakes him down with a half-nelson. Two count. Cage hammers at Hobbs in the adjacent corner. Chops before Cage gloats a bit. Hobbs fires back but Cage leaps over and kicks Hobbs down.

Standing fallaway slam by Cage followed up by a standing moonsault. Two count. Chin lock by Cage. Hobbs fights to his feet and elbows free. Back drop by Will. Cage charges at Hobbs but a boot knocks him down. Two clotheslines followed by a shoulder block has Will in control. Powerslam gets a near fall. Hobbs signals for a double underhook. Cage counters but Hobbs hits a Sky High. Two count.

Cage hits a flipping a pumphandle face slam (impressive). Cage hits a flapjack. Two count again and Cage is frustrated. He goes for another one, but Hobbs elbows out. German by Cage, but Hobbs gets back up and delivers his own. The two double clothesline one another and they’re staring at the lights. Remsburg begins the ten count but they stop it at six by trading shots. Hobbs hits a Arn Anderson spinebuster for a very close fall. Hobbs gets frustrated and it stalls him. He goes for a frog splash, misses and Cage hits his Drill Claw for the win and successfully retaining the FTW championship.

Post Match – Taz tells Hobbs he’s impressive. He fought his ass off and Taz offers him to be a part of Team Taz (that’s option A) and option B: he says no as Cage and Starks beat the hell out of him. Darby Allin’s music hits and he wards his two adversaries off. Taz yells for Darby to look at him and he tells him he’s going to learn to not stick his nose in their business.

2. FTR vs TH2 Tag Team Match for AEW World Tag Team Championship

Winners – FTR

Losers – TH2

Jack Evans quickly rolls up Dax for a two.count. He shows plenty of gusto against Harwood and Angelico keeps the pace until Dax goes for a powder. They grab their belts and look to leave, but Angelico dives into their arms as Jack Evans dives on top of all of them. He rolls Dax in and immediately goes for a fall. Kick out. Evans climbs the top rope, but Tully distracts Aubrey, and Cash trips him up. FTR was in control.

At the end of this match, Suplex flips by Evans but Jack hits him with an axe kick. Dax slams him down and then delivers a tiger driver for a very near fall. Evans tries to escape but FTR superplex and splash on him for the hard fought pinfall win.

3. Cody (with Brandi Rhodes) vs. Brodie Lee (c) (with Anna Jay and Jon Silver) Dog Collar Match for AEW TNT Championship

Winner – Cody

Loser – Brodie Lee

In attendance was Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and he gets introduced to the crowd. Introductions are super official as they even announce Dr. Michael Sampson at ringside because of the risk of elevated violence.
Bell rings and the dog collars were on. Jon Silver was standing on the apron and Cody knocks him off. Brodie takes over. Bodyslam and elbow drop. A cover for two. Tony Schiavone talks about his history covering the infamous dog collar match with Piper and Valentine. Silver gets busted open.

At trhe end of this match, Brodie hits a release dragon suplex. Lee goes for his discus lariat, but Cody rols it around for a DDT and then Cody wraps it around Bordies face before elbowing the hell out of Brodie. Cross Rhodes for the win and new AEW TNT champ!

Post Match – The Nightmare Family came out to check on Cody as Dark Order was in disbelief. Tony comes out to the ring to interview the now two-time champion. Cody thanks everyone. Cody says there is no feeling better on earth than competing in front of a live crowd. He seems emotional. He’s says he’s sticking with the fans until the very until. It’s his life’s work to be a pro wrestler and he wants to go to Dynamite next week to defend the TNT TItle. Tony asks who is it gonna be against and out comes Orange Cassidy. Cody gives him a thumbs up.

4. Big Swole vs. Serena Deeb Singles Match

Winner – Big Swole

Loser – Serena Deeb

Swol;e and Serena locks up and Serena wrenches the arm. Swole turns it around but then so does Serena who sends Swole on the mat. She and Swole chess game it out to a stalemate. “Swole” chants. Test of strength. Serena rolls her up for a one count. Shots to the spine by Swole followed by a back breaker. Serena hits a looping right clothesline. The fight goes to the apron and we head into the break.

Back from the break, Serena has put on a clinic according to JR. Swole went for a back elbow, but it appears the two inadvertently collide heads. Swole lariats Serena down and then gives her a headbutt right to the heart. Two count. Roundhouse kick by Swole, but Serrena counters and gets a two count. Swole rolls her up for a two. Backslide by Serena also gets a two. Serena locks her up for a piledriver but Swole shakes free. Shots by Serena and Swole hits another heart headbutt and rolling elbow gets Big Swole the victory.

5. Chaos Project vs. Chris Jericho & Jake Hager Tag Team Match

Winners – Chris Jericho & Jake Hager

Losers – Chaos Project

In the deciding moments of this match, Jericho kicks Luther in the gut, but Luther hits a German and he hoists Chris up for a double team meteora. Jake makes the save. Jericoho grabs Floyd. Swings, misses and Luther hits him with it. Chaos breaks out on the outside. Jericho hits a Judas Effect for the pinfall win.

Post Match – Chris Jericho gets on the mic and thanks everybody for 30 years in the business, but MJF comes out to interrupt. He says this isn’t about him. He’s not out here to steal his spotlight, he’s out here because he respects him. He wants to be a part of the celebration. They have a gift for Chris. Under a blanket is a clown with another wrapped gift.

MJF asks Chris Jeriho to indulge him. Next week he’s going to make a career altering announcement. Chris unwraps the gift and it’s a huge framed picture of MJF. Chris hits the clown with the picture and tells him he hates clowns and to never interrupt him again. They point at each other as Jericho and he embrace. The heel roster comes out to celebrate Chris out as the credits roll all SNL like.

AEW Dynamite 7 October 2020 All Segments Updates

1. Before the show starts, We saw a good deal of the AEW roster reflecting on their memories of Chris Jericho until we kick it to a five-person broadcast booth with Ricky Starks tagging along with Taz.

2. Guns N’ Roses’ Slash, Dennis Miller, NJPW’s Hiroshi Tanahashi, Bully Ray and Jericho’s dad (Ted!) wishes Chris Jericho a happy 30 years.

3. We see Lance Archer who brings up his previous contest with Jon Moxley in NJPW in a Texas Deathmatch for Wrestle Kingdom 14. He’s with Jake and he looks all ready to go.

4. Backstage, The Bucks superkick the camera man filming then and as that cuts off,

5. THe Best Friends have a graphic of FTR as “weenies.” Trent and Chuck come out with shirts on with the same graphic. Trent says as comedy backyard wrestlers, they’re trying to say that FTR are “weenies.” Chuck says something that isn’t a joke is that they’re the number one contenders. Chuck reveals that their title match is next week on the Anniversary show. FTR goes to take a shot at them with the belts, but the BFs scout it and send FTR bailing.

6. MJF was backstage and gives a tribute to Chris Jericho and he may or may not come out to thank him personally tonight.

7. Shaq, Gene Simmons of KISS, Don Callis, Lars Ulrich of Metallica and DDP all give their congratulations to Jericho as well.

8. Three more participants announced for the #1 Contendership Tournament: Wardlow, Colt Cabana and…Hangman Page.

9. Backstage, Alex Marvez was with Kenny Omega. Omega was ready to stake his claim for the AEW Championship belt. He calls Hangman a tag team wrestler not once, but twice. Kenny was super cocky and says he’s going to be what he’s destined to be: AEW World Champ.

10. We see Mox at a bar and won’t be celebrating too much because his life as a World Champion is busy. Eventually somebody is going to take him out and it could be Lance Archer. One survives Lance Archer. Their match in Tokyo was vicious and he knows any time he hands the belt to the referee he may never touch it again. Archer is going to have to unstrap that belt off his dead body. Mox repeats Archer’s mantra “Everybody Dies.” He takes a shot and exits.

11. Lance Storm, Kevin Smith, Eli Roth, Gabriel Iglesias, Chavo Guerrero, Steel Panther, Ultimo Dragon & Paul Stanley of KISS all send their well wishes to Jericho.

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