5 Tips, Tricks, and Suggestions to make Rhea Ripley your Mami like Dominik Mysterio did – Full Details

Australian female Professional Wrestler Rhea Ripley has became the Mami of Dominik Mysterio on WWE Programming and Rey Mysterio’s son has accepted her in this role with complete consent. Dominik is looking very happy ever since Rhea took him under her wings and to an extent it seems that he is somewhat enjoying getting dominated by his new Mami. Fans are also loving this pairing of Rhea and Dominik because of which they both are getting a massive push on WWE TV Shows.

Many WWE fans and especially men are getting jealous by Dominik Mysterio seeing him having the time of his life by having Rhea Ripley as his Mami and some of them are curious to know about how they can get a Mami like Rhea Ripley in real life. If you are one of those fans then don’t worry as we will give you all the secrets tips, tricks, suggestions, and hacks with which you will get the pleasure of having a Mami like Rhea Ripley in your life as well.

1. Betray Your Father

First and foremost in order to get a Mami like Rhea Ripley, you have to betray your father just like Dominik Mysterio betrayed Rey Mysterio. If Mami tells you to beat your father then you have to oblige and it might sound very difficult at first but in order to make your Mami happy, you have to take this difficult step.

2. Hit Your Uncle

In order to get a Mami like Rhea Ripley, you have have to betray your uncle and to make her even extra happy, you have to hit your uncle on his nuts just like Dominik Mysterio did to Edge at Clash of the Castle 2022 PLE Event. Mami loves family & relationship betrayals and she will absolutely love it if you do something like this to your uncle.

3. Speak only When Mami Wants :

Mami likes obedient followers and if you want a tough Mami like Rhea Ripley in your real life then you have to stay silent in front of her always and speak only when Mami wants. Dominik stays silent in front of Rhea most of the times and whenever Rhea whispers something in his ears then he follows hers orders like a obedient soldier.

4. Get Choked by Mami’s Thicc Thighs :

Mami will choke you with her hot thicc thighs from time to time and you have to enjoy this experience as this is something many people dream of. Dominik got choked by Rhea’s thicc thighs multiple times at the corners of the ring and it appears that he had the time of his life when Rhea was choking him with his neck between her legs.

5. Let Mami Punish You Whenever She Wants :

This final step is one of the most important one but at the same time its one of the most enjoyable one as well of a Mami Follower relationship. You have to let Mami punish you whenever she wants and you have to enjoy getting beaten by the Mami for all your sins. Even Dominik had that experience and when Rhea brought him back after Punishing him, it appeared that Dominik enjoyed the entire torture session by Mami Rhea Ripley a lot.

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