WWE SmackDown 18 July 2020 Full Show Results, Segments Highlights Written Details

Matt Riddle the so called Bro of NXT has finally got a chance to compete for the Intercontinental Title today at SmackDown against AJ Styles also Braun Strowman issues a warning to Bray Wyatt saying he’s coming home. Lacey Evans gave Naomi a taste of the Woman’s right. Nikki Cross tells Alexa Bliss that she is fed up of losing in the past few weeks. Also Cesaro and Nakamura sets the stipulation for their match against New Day at Extreme Rules 2020.

WWE SmackDown 18 July 2020 Winners and Losers

1. Big E w/Kofi Kingston vs. Cesaro w/Shinsuke Nakamura (Winner gets to name the stipulation for Extreme Rules)

Winner– Cesaro

Loser– Big E

Big E puts Cesaro in a stretch muffler but Cesaro manages to counter it and locks Big E in a submission of his own. Nakamura takes out Kofi Kingston outside the ring. As the referee is distracted, Nakamura kicks Big E in the head. Cesaro drops Big E with his version of the Gotch Driver for the win. After the match, Cesaro and Nakamura tried to pull a table from under the ring. Kingston front flips over the top rope, wiping out Nakamura and Cesaro. The New Day tries to put Cesaro through a table but Nakamura saves him.

2. Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Nikki Cross and Asuka Tag Team Match

Winners – Sasha Banks and Bayley

Losers – Nikki Cross and Asuka

Bayley tags in and goes up top.Nikki Cross cuts her off but ends up getting tossed out of the ring. Cross surprises Bayley with a tornado DDT off the announce table. Bayley tries another DDT but Bayley double legs Cross and pins her with her feet on the ropes for the win.

3. John Morrison w/The Miz vs. Braun Strowman Singles Match

Winner – Braun Strowman

Loser – John Morrison

Before the start of this match, Braun Strowman grabs a mic and says he is going to walk through the gates of hell and slap the devil in his face. Strowman knows he has to face his fears. Strowman stomps down to the ring. Morrison runs away. As soon as the bell rings Strowman runs over Morrison. Strowman launches Morrison clear across the ring. Strowman steps on Morrison’s chest. Strowman is unhinged. Strowman lifts Morrison off the mat with one arm and slams him back down to the mat. Strowman lets out a laugh that the Joker would appreciate. Strowman puts Morrison in a head and arm choke (this was his finish when he was in the Wyatt Family). Strowman lifts Morrison up and hits a running Powerslam for the win. After the match, Strowman looks in the camera and tells Wyatt that he is coming home. The paramedics run down to the ring to check on Morrison. Morrison refuses to get on the stretcher. Miz helps Morrison to the back.

4. Naomi vs. Lacey Evans Singles Match

Winner – Lacey Evans

Loser – Naomi

Lacey Evans takes an early advantage. Evans tries an elbow drop but Naomi gets her knees up. Naomi lands a split leg drop. Evans ties Naomi’s hair in the ropes. The referee helps Naomi get free. As soon as Naomi turns around Evans levels her with a Women’s Right for the win.

5. AJ Styles (c) vs. Matt Riddle Intercontinental Championship Match:

Winner – AJ Styles

Loser – Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle surprises AJ Styles with a Broton. Styles and Riddle trade strike. Riddle tries an overhead kick but Styles catches Riddle’s foot and locks in the Calf Crusher. Riddle reverses it into the BroMission. Styles reverses it into a pin and gets the three count. After the match, Styles offers Riddle a handshake. Riddle obliges. King Corbin attacks Riddle from behind. Styles looks on, but eventually just walks away. Corbin gives Riddle the End of Days.

WWE SmackDown 18 July 2020 All Segments Updates

1. In the starting of todays SmackDown episode a a series of vignettes hyping the matches later tonight were being aired.

2. Backstage, King Corbin says Riddle has no chance tonight against AJ Styles.

3. Backstage, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro pick a tables match for the stipulation for Extreme Rules.

4. At a moment of bliss segment, Alexa Bliss says she can predict the future. Bliss predicts thee Lakers will win the NBA title, Riddle will beat Styles, Strowman will beat Wyatt on Sunday, and Bliss starts to talk about her guest tonight and how they are going to blow the roof off the place Sunday. Nikki Cross thinks Bliss is talking about her. Cross goes on an epic rant about how she is going to beat Bayley. Bliss tells Cross that she’s isn’t the guest. Bayley and Sasha Banks interrupts. Banks and Bayley make fun of Bliss and Cross. Bayley complains that Bliss isn’t giving them their due since they are the architects of the Women’s Revolution. Bayley predicts that she will beat Cross and Banks will beat Asuka. Banks adds there is nothing anyone can do about it. Bliss says they never let her announce her guest. Asuka’s music hits and she saunters down to the ring. Banks and Bayley attack Cross and Bliss. Asuka runs down to the ring to make the save. Banks and Bayley end up outside the ring. Bliss yells for a referee.

5. Backstage, Miz tells Morrison since he is the hero of the story, of course, Morrison has nothing to worry about. Morrison says he is terrified. Miz says he has Morrison’s back.

6. At Firefly Funhouse, before the theme music finishes, The screen cuts to Bray Wyatt in full Waylon Mercy cosplay gear. Wyatt says he created Strowman. Then Strowman left, or so he thought. Wyatt says this swamp is a special place and once you enter, you can never truly leave. Part of you will live here forever. Wyatt knows the monster he created is just scratching waiting to come home.

7. Backstage, Jeff Hardy was talking about Sheamus. Someone hits Hardy from behind. It’s Sheamus. Sheamus says he will cleanse Hardy of his sins. He will see Hardy next week on Smackdown.

8. Backstage, Bayley says no one has more momentum than she does. Bayley says Sasha Banks is going to become “Two-Belt Banks”.

9. Backstage, Nikki Cross laments that she doesn’t want to blow it but she keeps loosing. Alexa Bliss tells Cross that she has been there before. Cross responds, no disrespect but she doesn’t get the same opportunities that Bliss does. Cross is not feeling confident at all. Cross and Bliss hear Bayley and Sasha Banks talking in the background. Cross attacks Bayley.


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