WWE RAW 22 September 2020 Results, Retribution members revealed Written Details

After months of wait and suspense finally the members of Retribution have been revealed on todays episode of RAW. They were Dominik Dijakovic, Dio Maddin, Shane Thorne, Mia Yim and Mercedez Martinez. The group also had their first match tonight against the Hurt Business. Seth Rollins makes a revelation that Rey Mysterio’s daughter Aaliyah is not his real daughter. Lana was once again put through an announce table. Braun Strowman and Dabba Katto finally squared off at RAW Underground.

WWE RAW 22 September 2020 Winners and Losers

1. Seth Rollins and Murphy vs. Humberto Carrillo and Dominik Mysterio vs. Andrade and Angel Garza Triple Threat Tag Team Match (Winner Gets a Tag Title shot at Clash of Champions)

Winners – Andrade and Angel Garza

Losers – Seth Rollins and Murphy, Humberto Carrillo and Dominik Mysterio

The Street Profits joins the commentary team for this match. Murphy and Humberto Carrillo begins the match. Carrillo and Murphy trade armbars and pin attempts. Andrade tags himself in as Carrillo dumps Murphy out of the ring. Andrade and Angel Garza stomp Carrillo in the corner. Carrillo dives off of Murphy and arm dags Andrade. Dominik Mysterio and Carrillo hit stereo dives. Mysterio hits a code red on Murphy and went for the cover but Garza breaks up the pin. Murphy launches Garza into Mysterio, sending them both careening off the apron. Murphy destroys Andrade with a rising knee strike. Murphy tries to tag in Seth Rollins but Rollins grabs his jacket and walks away. Andrade obliterates Murphy with a spinning back elbow. Garza hits the Wing Clipper picking up the win.

2. Drew McIntyre vs. Keith Lee Singles Match

Winner – Drew McIntyre

Loser – Keith Lee

Drew McIntyre tries to go for the Claymore as soon as the bell rings but Keith Lee dodges it. McIntyre tries to send Lee into the ropes but Lee won’t budge. McIntyre works a side headlock. Lee pounces McIntyre out of the ring. McIntyre chops Lee. Lee blasts McIntyre with grizzly magnum. McIntyre suplexes Lee on the announce desk as we went into the commercial break.

Back from the break, Drew McIntyre tries to lifts up Keith Lee but he can’t. Lee decks McIntyre with a stiff elbow strike. McIntyre was clutching at his injured jaw. Lee looks as if he doesn’t want to pin McIntyre. Lee gets a near fall. Lee lifts McIntyre up for a Spirit Bomb. McIntyre reverses it into a ranna. Spinebuster by McIntyre and he went for cover but Lee kicks out. McIntyre sets up the Future Shock DDT. Lee drives McIntyre into the corner. McIntyre charges in but Lee drives him into the canvas with a nasty one-armed spinebuster and tried to pin him but McIntyre kicks out. McIntyre tries to fire up but Lee lands three shots to McIntyre’s jaw. Lee hits the ropes and levels McIntyre with a lariat. McIntyre escapes the Spirit Bomb again. McIntyre hits the Claymore. Randy Orton appears out of nowhere and hits McIntyre with a chair to cause a disqualification. Orton grinds the chair into McIntyre’s broken jaw. Orton Punts Lee.

After the beatdown to both McIntyre and Lee, Randy Orton says that he has never walked away from a world title match. Orton walks over to the ambulance that was parked by the entranceway. Orton says this is the same ambulance he was sent to the hospital in after McIntyre attacked him. Orton realizes that this is what it feels like to be taken out by the Legend Killer. During that ride, Orton remembered what it takes to become WWE Champion. The ambulance means different things to different people. This ambulance represents Orton 14th world championship. Orton was going to make sure McIntyre’s title reign flatlines after an RKO.

3. Zelina Vega vs. Mickie James Number One Contender’s Match for RAW Women’s Championship

Winner – Zelina Vega

Loser – Mickie James

Zelina Vega was all over Mickie James at the start of this match. Vega stomps James in the corner. Vega grabs James by the hair and yells at her. James slams Vega down by her head. James swings Vega by her hair. Vega locks James in the octopus. James drives Vega into the corner to break the hold. Vega locks James in another octopus hold using the ropes. Vega breaks the hold at four. Vega tries a tornado DDT James avoids it and hits a seated senton. Vega kicks out. James calls for the MickDT. Vega counters and sends James into the middle rope. Vega lands a Backstabber pinning James for the win.

4. Cedric Alexander w/MVP vs. Apollo Crews w/Ricochet Singles Match

Winner – Apollo Crews

Loser – Cedric Alexander

MVP pulls Cedric Alexander out of the ring. Apollo Crews lands a baseball slide. Crews gets in MVPs face as we went into the break. Back from the break, Alexander dropkicks Crews in the back. Alexander puts Crews in a rear chin lock. Alexander transitions into a waist lock. Crews fights to his feet. Alexander drops Crews with a Michinoku Driver. Crews kicks out. Crews surprises Alexander with a frog cross body off the second rope. Crews drives Alexander into the corner. Tossing Samoan drop by Crews. Alexander kicks out. Crews sends Alexander out of the ring. Crews misses a moonsault off the apron. Alexander immediately hits a suicide dive. Alexander gets in Ricochet’s face. As soon as Alexander gets in the ring, Crews rolls him up picking up the win.

After the match, Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley walk out on the ramp. Cedric Alexander attacks Apollo Crews from behind. After the Hurt Business was finished beating down Crews and Ricochet, Lashley puts Crews in the Hurt Lock.

5. Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax vs. Lana and Natalya Tag Team Match

Winners – Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

Losers – Lana and Natalya

Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan joins the commentary team before the start of this match. It was a squash match as Shayna Baszler puts Lana in a Kirafuda Clutch and Lana immediately taps out. After the match, Nia Jax and Baszler scuffle with Morgan and Riott, which ends in a stalemate. Jax gets upset and grabs Lana by the hair. Jax Samoan drops Lana through the announce table.

6. Asuka vs Peyton Royce with Billie Kay Singles Match

Winner – Asuka

Loser – Peyton Royce

Asuka lands a flurry of attacks. Peyton Royce manages to hits a modified Widows Peak. Asuka kicks out. Asuka tries the Asuka Lock. Royce reverses it into a pin but Asuka kick out. Royce goes up top. Asuka kicks Royce in the head. Asuka tries to put Royce in the Asuka Lock but Zelina Vega hits the ring and attacks Asuka to cause a DQ. After the match, Vega continues her assault but Asuka fires up and almost lands a spinning back fist. Vega narrowly avoids it.

7. The Hurt Business vs. Retribution 6 Man Tag Team Match

Winners – The Hurt Business

Losers – Retribution

Bobby Lashley sends Mace into the corner. Lashley lands a few punches. Lashley misses a splash in the corner. Mace runs over Lashley. T-Bar sends Lashley out of the ring. Lashley taps T-Bar in the corner. T-Bar slams Cedric Alexander. T-Bar tags in Slapjack. Slapjack rains down elbows and punches to Alexander. Retribution takes turns working over Alexander. Shelton Benjamin manages to the tag but Mace and T-Bar double suplex him. Bejamin surprises Mace with a back suplex. Mace responds with a serious of clubing blows. Benjamin tags in Lashley. Lashley clears the ring. Lashley lands a huge spinebuster on Slapjack. Lashley puts Slapjack in the Hurt Lock. T-Bar attacks Lashley from the apron. The referee calls for the bell.

After the match, the arena fills up with Retribution members. A brawl breaks out. The Hurt Business gets out numbered again. Drew McIntyre and the rest of the RAW locker room rush the ring and clear out Retribution. While McIntyre was in the ring, Randy Orton slithers in and delivers an RKO.

WWE RAW 22 September 2020 All Segments Updates

1. The Retribution marches down the ring and this time around each member of Retribution was wearing masks that reveal most of their faces. Mia Yim grabs the mic and says they are done following WWE Managment. Someone who appears to be Dominik Dijakovic says Retribution will make all of us pay for our sins. The leader of the group (Dijakovic) says they have been signed so anything they do is legal as of now. The Hurt Business walks out on the stage. MVP, Cedric Alexander, and Shelton Benjamin all took off their suit jackets and charge down the ring. Retribution leaves the ring. MVP grabs a mic and challenges Retribution to a match later tonight. Another group of hooded figures surrounds the ring. The Hurt Business was insanely outnumbered at this point. The Hurt Business was eventually overpowered. MVP, Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin, and Cedric Alexander were all laid out.

2. Backstage, Rey Mysterio was with his wife and daughter. Mysterio says he is proud to watch his son potentially challenge for his first title here in WWE

3. Backstage, the leader of Retribution (Dominik Dijakovic) says that the Hurt Business could have been part of the solution but they chose to take WWE money and are part of the problem. Tonight, The Hurt Business will be paid in Retribution.

4. At the Kevin Owens Show, Owens says he took care of Captain Hot Topic (Aleister Black) last week so its time to move on to better things. Owens says he never thought he would give his guest tonight a platform but 2020 has been weird so here we are. Owens’ guest tonight was Shane McMahon. Shane joins Owens in the ring. Shane hypes his RAW Underground main event, Braun Strowman vs. Dabba-Kato. Shane says he has a surprise for Owens. Shane asks Dabba-Kato to join him in the ring. A few weeks ago Owens got destroyed by Kato. Owens promised to “see” Kato again real soon. Kevin Owens admits that this is why he wanted Shane McMahon on his show tonight. Owens knew Dabba Kato wouldn’t be far behind. Owens gets in Kato’s face. Owens tells Kato that they are going to do this at some point. Owens says he wants to give Kato something to remember him by. Owens slaps Kato. Shane holds Kato back. Owens introduces his OTHER guest, Braun Strowman. Strowman power walks to the ring. Shane tells them not right now. This has to happen on RAW Underground. Someone trips Owens from behind. Aleister Black rams Owens’ nuts into the ring power over and over again.

5. Backstage, Drew McIntyre says he will go out for drinks with Keith Lee after he beats him tonight.

6. Backstage, Retribution was shown beating down Humberto Carrillo and others.

7. Backstage, Billie Kay interrupts Asuka. Kay complains that Asuka was just giving title shots to anyone who asks. Peyton Royce walks in and says Asuka should give her a shot. Asuka says at Clash of Champions no one is ready for Asuka, but tonight Asuka is ready for Royce.

8. Backstage, the Hurt Business were beating the members of Retribution

9. A video packstage featuring Bianca Belair was shown. Bianca Belair totally embarrasses a guy in the guy. Everything he tries to do she does 100 times better. She truly is the strong-EST.

10. Earlier today, Akira Tozawa and a ninja referee stalk R-Truth, Little Jimmy, and the 24/7 title. Truth sees a shark fin in the water. Truth yells that its a Sharknado. Truth runs away and leaves the title. Truth comes back 20 minutes later and tells Little Jimmy he has to get his baby back. Truth sees the shark fin again. Truth yells that it’s Sharknado II. Truth finds the 24/7 title. A chewed up ninja outfit washes up on the beach. Truth says Tozawa has been devoured.

11. The Hurt Business enters the ring, MVP says they are going to show Retribution what happens when you step to the Hurt Business. Cedric lexnder says he owes Apollo Crews for all the beatings he took so Crews could get title shots he didn’t deserve. Alexander says he doesn’t care about Crews or his kids. Crews and Ricochet walk down the ramp. Crews says they don’t care why Alexander did what he did. They just want to punch Alexander in the face. Crews says he hasn’t forgotten about Bobby Lashley. Crews says that he is coming for the United States Title.

12. At RAW Underground, Arturo Ruas and Dolph Ziggler kick off the action. Ruas misses two Cepora kicks. Ruas slams Ziggler. Ziggler locks in a rear naked choke. Ruas escapes and rolls Ziggler into a knee bar. Ziggler jabs his thumb into Ruas neck. Ziggler locks in another rear naked choke. Ruas passes out. Shane asks Braun Strowman to comment on the match. Strowman yells that the doesn’t want to talk to Shane. Shane hands Briana Brandy the mic to asks the questions. Brandy asks Strowman what he expects in his fight against Dabba-Kato. Strowman yells that he wanted the best Shane had to offer and this is the best he could come up with? Strowman says that he is going to send everyone home with pockets full of teeth. Strowman says if Shane wants some he can get some, too

13. Seth Rollins enters the ring, Rollins says something has been bothering him about the Mysterio Family. WWE.com posted a photo on the site that piqued Rollins interest. Rollins puts a photo of the Mysterio Family on the ‘Tron. Rollins says if you look at Dominik and his father you can clearly see it. Rollins says he wants to do this the right way. Rollins asks the entire Mysterio Family to join him in the ring. The Mysterio family walks out on the stage. Mysterio says they are going to give Rollins a beating just like they did Murphy. Rollins claims he respects the entire family and how they stick together. Rollins says he knows this has been done before but he has the results of a DNA test to prove is Dominik is actually Rey Mysterio’s son. Rollins reads the results and says Mysterio is not the father. Mysterio says we’ve been there before. This isn’t going to work. Rollins says maybe he was wrong. Maybe it’s Aalyah who isn’t Mysterio’s daughter. Rollins says he’s got some concrete evidence to back it up. Rollins shows the video of Aalyah checking on Murphy before she checked on Dominik. Rollins asks what was going on there. Mysterio tells Rollins to talk to him. Mysterio says he spoke to his daughter about that. He raised her to be a caring person. Mysterio goes on to say his daughter is only 19 and she is naive. She doesn’t know anything about their world. Aalyah gets upset and storms off. The rest of the family follows her. Rollins apologizes because this wasn’t his intent. As Rollins walks up the ramp, a sly grin appears on his face.

14. Backstage, Aalyah storms off again as her father tries to apologize.

15. At RAW Underground, Riddick Moss was fighting Erik of the Viking Raiders. Moss slams Erik. Erik takes Moss over with a judo throw. Erik and Moss throw hands. Erik double legs Moss. German suplex by Erik. Moss surprises Erik with a right hand that knocks him out. Shane asks Brandy to ask Kato a question. Kato growls at Brandy. Brandy hands Shane the mic back. Dabba Kato tells Shane that he is going to show Strowman in the ring later tonight.

16. Backstage, Murphy finds Aalyah backstage. Murphy apologizes if he’s ever hurt her. Murphy says that everything with Seth Rollins has gotten out of hand.

17. Braun Strowman finally squares off against Dabba-Kato. Strowman and Kato trade jabs. Strowman takes down Kato and almost locks in a choke. Kato rolls off the platform to avoid it. Kato throws a guy at Strowman. Strowman throws the guy right back. Strowman and Kato meet back on the platform. Strowman catches Kato with a right hand that floors him. Strowman falls on top of Kato and rains down rights and lefts. The referee stops the match.

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