Ullu Games of Karma (Kachra) Full Episode Watch Online with Written Story Updates

Another episode of Ullu web series Games of Karma titled Kachra has been released today. This series has been made on the philosophy of what goes around comes around. The 25 min long episode comprises of some steamy hot scenes and a lesson that you should never cheat on your partner otherwise it will bite you hard later on.

Games of Karma ‘Kachra’ Plot Details

Rajat and Sneha were married since last 10 years and their love life is going amazingly well. For Sneha her husband Rajat turns out to be quite possessive as he doesn’t like his wife dancing with another men at parties. Later on it was revealed that Rajat is in a extra marital affair with Mahi and Sneha saw their hot videos on Rajat’s phone.

An angry Sneha makes out with her sweeper in front of Rajat to take revenge and teach him a lesson. Rajat ended up crying and screaming.

Games of Karma ‘Kachra’ Cast

  • Rahil Azam – Rajat
  • Arina Dey – Sneha
  • Onkar Das Manikpuri – Kachre wala

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