TOP 5 Modern Day Cricket 360 Degree Batsman Who Plays like AB de Villiers – Full Details Checkout

International Cricket has changed a lot since the introduction of T20 format and nowadays we are seeing Batters from all across the world coming up with new ways to score quick runs. Coaching manuals and bookish cricket have become a thing of the past as in this modern era of T20 cricket, no part of the ground is safe and we even witness some of the most lethal fast bowlers getting thrashed all around the park in the shorter formats of the game.

Strike rate is considered as the most important factor for any player in T20 International cricket in the modern times and if you have an equally good average then its just the icing on the cake. Some of the most impactful batters in T20 cricket in recent times are 360 Degree players and nowadays every single team wants one of such kind of talents in their squads.

What are 360 Degree Players in Cricket?

360 Degree Players in Cricket are those who can play shots and score runs on all parts of the ground and he/she needs to have the ability to hit one particular kind of delivery on three to four different parts of the ground.

Who is the Greatest 360 Degree Player of all time in International Cricket?

South African Cricketing legend AB de Villiers is considered as the greatest 360 Degree Player in the world till date as the Proteas Batter made this term popular by thrashing bowlers from all across the world in all parts of the ground in T20, ODI, and Test formats of Cricket.

Who are the Best 360 Degree Players in the Modern Era of Cricket?

In the modern era of Cricket these 5 are the top 360 Degree Players and all of these Batters have the ability to score runs on all parts of the ground :

1. SuryaKumar Yadav (India)

2. Glenn Maxwell (Australia)

3. Dewald Brevis (South Africa)

4. Jos Buttler (England)

5. Rishabh Pant (India)

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