Signing Jade Cargill is bad for WWE Women’s Division. Here’s Why

Professional basketball player turned wrestler ‘Jade Cargill’ has recently signed a multi year contract with WWE and the news became a trending topic on the social media. While WWE fans are very happy with Jade opting to sign with the Global wrestling promotion, AEW fans are expressing a lot of anger on the internet because they’re feeling betrayed by her. But it seems that Jade joining the WWE will do more harm than good to their women’s division and in this article we will tell you why.

First and foremost, it seems that WWE is hyping up Jade Cargill as a final boss kind of character and if this is indeed true then most of the NXT as well as Main Roster women will end up jobbing to her. Can you imagine someone like Roxanne Perez, Lyra Valkyria, or even for that matter Liv Morgan jobbing out to Jade on weekly television? Well if this happens then Jade will bury most of the mid card women’s division in less than 6 months time.

Jade Cargill sitting at WWE PC Photo

Another major reason of worry is that she is known as a certified botch machine and no one likes seeing hard working professional women wrestlers getting injured on live television. WWE has already created a lot of unrest in their Women’s roster after rehiring Dwayne Johnson’s cousin sister ‘Nia Jax’ and now signing Jade Cargill seems like adding another can of fuel to the fire.

A huge worry about Jade Cargill joining the WWE roster is that she will keep the women’s titles hostage. WWE doesn’t have any mid card titles for the women on main roster and NXT, also the tag titles are worthless now, but signing Jade will make the WWE women’s title scene even more uninteresting because it will be next to impossible for other women dethrone her because of the way she will get booked.

Much beloved and well regarded NXT women will also get sidelined by the signing of Jade Cargill on WWE because she will get that instant push due to her previous association with AEW, while the women which are working hard day and night on the developmental brand since past few years will have to wait in the catering.

There is a huge possibility that Jade Cargill might end up becoming Ronda Rousey 2.0 on WWE main roster and if that ends up happening then all the WWE investment on Jade will go in vain.

Finally we want to request WWE management to be very careful when booking Jade Cargill on NXT and Main roster because some women might end up revolting if they ended up feeling sidelined because of the new Golden Girl of WWE.

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