Mafia Remake 14 Min Gameplay Out – Visually Impressive Gameplay Not So Much

A 14 minute in depth gameplay video of Mafia Definitive Edition is available now. Although the new version looks visually stunning thanks to the Mafia 3 engine but gameplay wise it looks like just another average third person open world shooter as there is nothing wowtastic on the gameplay side of things in this remake. As we already said earlier that Hangar 13 has used the same engine which was used in developing Mafia 3 and it seems like they have also reused a lot of assets in the remake of this new game as the gameplay looks very much similar to Mafia 3 which is not a bad thing but we have expected something new and improvised.

In the visuals and graphics department this game is looking drop dead gorgeous same was the case with Mafia 3 as in the new remake Tommy Angelo character and all the other supporting characters appear to be too much realistic as each one of them have been recreated using the state of the art motion capture facial likeness technology by Hangar 13.

Also in the 14 minutes gameplay video the developers have stated that there are going to be more then 20 main missions in this game across the city which varies from high speed chases and races to violent confrontations and stealthy assassinations. Mafia Definitive Edition which was earlier slated to release on 28 August 2020 will now release on 25 September 2020 after the game has been hit by a delay amidst the Civid crisis.

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