Bigg Boss 15 Episode 18 Nov 2021 Written Updates – Nishant made Tejasswi cry, Neha loses control

Nishant Bhat wins the Bhayanak Rakshas task and after winning the task Bigg Boss gave him a special power to make two non vip housemates vip and to replace them with two vip contestants. Nishant made Simba Nagpal and Pratik Sehajpal vip and he replaced them both with Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra.

Neha loses her temper later in the night on Pratik and Nishant after which she had a huge argument with Nishant and she started behaving in a very crazy manner. Karan, Tejasswi and others tried to calm her down.

In the morning Tejasswi had an argument with Nishant in the kitchen as both Pratik and Nishant were only discussing about the food menu with Rajiv. Tejasswi started crying saying you are only ordering me without discussing with me. Nishant taunted her that nothing will happen if you cry. Tejasswi went in the washroom and she cried out loud. Karan came and he calmed her down.

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